Why do you build me up BUTTERCUP?

After my post rewarding Crumbs the now Best Corporate Cupcake, I was contacted by a bakery I did not get a chance to go to over the course of my internship:

Buttercup Bake Shop

 973 2nd Avenue (Between 51st and 52nd Streets), New York, NY 10022

They are in the running for my best cupcake at a Home-style Bakery Award! So its a little bit easier to understand I will give the places I go a rating of 1-5 on customer service, cleanliness,  atmosphere, how the food is or in this case cupcake rating. The score as a whole will be judged out of 20 (since there are 4 categories that can get a rating of 1-5)! Last I will tell you if I thought it was good enough to go back. (This will be featured in my restaurant reviews as well- FYI). As always I’ll mention what I recommend, etc. Excited? I am!

Customer Service: 5– Excellent service, jumped up to help me right away. I heard them explaining dishes to customers. It definitely made the experience that much better.

Cleanliness: 5–  The store was pretty clean, easy to navigate.

Atmosphere: 4.5– It was a bit crammed, but it was your typical neighborhood bakery, I enjoyed the posters they had up, which made it fun. I also liked that they had a free mini cups of water available to their customers!

Cupcake Rating: 4– I got a Buttercup Golden with Vanilla Icing. I liked the cupcake itself, it was tasty so there batter recipe is definitely one of a kind. I’m very picky about my icing. The only thing I didn’t like was that there was a lot of icing. I thought the icing was good though, it wasn’t too sweet and had good flavor. It was also my favorite color purple which I enjoyed!

Score: 18.5/20 — With that said, I highly recommend you go to Buttercup! I was able to try their Banana Pudding which was great! I definitely would get a cup of pudding and coffee next time I’m there. I also want to try their cakes because a lot of customers who came in had a slice of cake. Not just any normal slice, but layer cakes! They have also have a bunch of other delectable choices. My boyfriend who came with me had the cheesecake swirl, which he thought was alright. The fact that they have so many varieties of deserts and cupcakes definitely made me want to come back!

With that said, if your in Midtown East, try Buttercup Bake Shop and let me know if you’d agree!!! I really enjoyed it!

I’ve even attached a picture of the menu so you can see your choices yourself:

Stay Sweet & Keep Eating Readers! 🙂

– Small Chick

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