Fulfill your craving at Stuffed Cupcakes!

Last week while I was on my cupcake adventure last week, I was able to stop at Stuffed Cupcakes in Nutley, NJ. Unlike Mr Cupcakes and other cupcake shops I’ve been in, Stuffed Cupcakes specializes in cupcakes with topping on the outside as well as a custard or creme mix on the inside. Stuffed Cupcakes is also in the hometown NJ category for my #cupcakecontest!

Stuffed Cupcakes (231 Franklin Avenue, Nutley, NJ)

Customer Service: 5– When I went in it wasn’t very crowded but everyone was friendly. The service was great and even brought my cupcake and tea out for me.

Atmosphere: 4.8– It has a cute cafe setting with a place to eat. I’d highly recommend it if you plan on grabbing cupcakes & coffee with friends on an afternoon.

Cupcake Quality: 5– These cupcakes are not like any cupcake and have stuffing inside.I got the confused cupcake first which was the best of both world with both vanilla & chocolate batter with vanilla or chocolate pudding inside (mine had vanilla) and it had both kinds of frosting on top. It was delicious and big.

Price: $ — The cupcakes are $3.50 each, but take into consideration they are pretty big and have stuffing inside. You could even share one with someone and each get a coffee there.

Final Score: 14.8/15 — I’d recommend coming to Stuffed Cupcakes for a date with your loved one or friends. The cupcakes are big, filled and easy to split. The dining area is comfortable and its easy to grab & go there as well. I’d definitely come back again.

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Happy Eating!!! 🙂

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