There ain’t no pizza like Firehouse pizza!

Every now and then you find a pizzeria that you will always love. This pizzeria has fed me through my sadness, happiness, and every in between. I found Nicky’s Firehouse restaurant during my freshman year at Fairleigh Dickinson. I decided to try there delivery since I didn’t have my car on campus and have been in love with their pizza ever since. Eventually when I started going to the pizzeria with my boyfriend and kept ordering out. It just stuck, and if you asked any of my friends I praised there caesar salad pizza all the time! Well the December/January of my senior year they went on hiatus and were under construction. I was worried I wouldn’t have Nicky’s before I left but they opened right before I graduated. Long story short, after months of not being able to go due to construction and whatnot. I finally went again with my man Jason this weekend and Nicky’s didn’t let me down. I loved the changes they made & the pizza was just as great as I remembered a few months ago!

New decor at Nicky’s Firehouse!

Nicky’s Firehouse Restaurant (15 Central Avenue, Madison, NJ)

Customer Service- 5: It was just how I remembered, everyone was friendly and answered our questions. Also, the owner Nicky is always there so it really make it a mom & pop pizzeria.

Atmosphere- 5: It wasn’t what I remembered but I can get used to it. I like the new changes, it definitely makes more space and it works. It looks more like a firehouse and the colors are definitely deeper.

Food Quality- 5: The pizza was exactly how I remembered it. I love their crust, it’s not too thick and not too thin. But when I looked at the menu I was a bit upset they didn’t have the caesar salad pizza on the menu. But other than that, the menu is smaller but has great choices. We each had two slices and garlic knots and loved it!

Price: $- If you’re in the area, get Nicky’s you can better pizza for just about as much as Dominoes. They also have an individual pizza for $7 which I love. It’s definitely affordable and BYOB and did I mention delicious?

Final Score: 15/15- If you want some good pizza in Morris County, go to Nicky’s. It’s great for a date night or just for a slice or two. The service is always on point, the staff and owner are friendly too. I’m so happy they re-opened and will definitely be back!

Buffalo chicken pizza at Nicky’s Firehouse!

Pizza at Nicky’s!

If you have been to Nicky’s before, I’d love your opinion and if you plan on going let me know what you think!

Happy Eating! 🙂

’til next time…

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