#SCBDExclusive: Spring Menu Tasting at Morris Tap & Grill’s Kitchen Bar




Morris Tap & Grill’s Signature chips with 7 spice dip

The week before the launch party, Jason and I went to Morris Tap & Grill in Randolph, NJ for an exclusive spring menu tasting at the Chef Eric’s Kitchen Bar. We were greeted by Chef/Partner Eric LeVine, you may know him because he was also a winner of Food Network’s Chopped. It was the perfect afternoon for a hearty lunch tasting where we got to speak to Chef, find out the inspiration and twists he uses with his food, and leave with full stomachs.  We started off with Morris Tap & Grill‘s signature chips & 7 spice dip that got our palette ready for the bites we’d taste next.


Pear, Blue Cheese, Pecans and Arugula Flatbread

Next, Chef brought out the pear, blue cheese, pecans & arugula flatbread. The flavor combination was great and I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved how it was sweet,savory and balanced out with the blue cheese.


Buffalo Chicken Purse

We tasted the buffalo chicken purse next which is buffalo chicken dumplings served with their blue cheese dip and 7 spice rub. The dumpling themselves were some of the best I’ve had but when you dipped them into the sauce & rub it was like a party in your mouth. If you’re a fan of buffalo wings, you have to try them!

Pad Thai, Bacon and Chicken

Pad Thai, Bacon and Chicken

Since the party was already starting in our palette, Chef brought out his Pad Thai which has chicken and bacon in it. I was a bit curious how it would taste but it was love at first bite. The mix of chicken and bacon worked really well, we had to take leftovers home it was so good!


Pan Seared Opaka with Garlic Clams and Chorizo

The next dish we tasted was the pan seared Opaka with garlic clams and chorizo. This was our first time trying opaka but we really liked it. Also since Jason and I both come from a Latin American background we loved the chorizo, it hit the spot!


Pork Trio

The next dish we sampled in our tasting was the Pork Trio which included fried pork belly, baked beans with bacon, and pork loin. My favorites from that were the fried pork belly and baked beans. The pork loin was great too but I’m not a huge pork loin fan. I liked that we had choices and definitely enjoyed the dish.


Tofu Vegan Dish

We were really starting to fill up and had Chef Eric surprise us with the last dish we’d taste. It was a vegan dish with tofu, white asparagus, and a delicious green chili sauce. I really enjoyed it because I love tofu and loved the flavor combinations. Jason isn’t huge into tofu, but he gave it a try and thought it wasn’t bad.

Our favorite dish was the buffalo chicken purses, which I’m craving as I speak of them. I loved how unique the Pad Thai was and the flatbread was one of he best I’ve had in awhile. If you’re looking for someplace unique to eat at where you can give your palette a party!

Interested in eating at the Chef Eric’s Kitchen Bar? It’s open daily– all you need is yourself and 3 other people and Chef Eric will come up with a private menu for you! Morris Tap & Grill is located at 500 Route 10 West, Randolph, NJ.

Have you been to Morris Tap & Grill, I’d love to know what you think of it. Feel free to comment or tweet us! Also be on the look out for Chef Eric’s cookbook coming out later this year, Small Bites Big Flavor.

Here’s to more great eating, bon appetit!


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