#SCBDTravels: #EWR13 Weekend in Philly!


Hey readers, so after a few trips under my belt this year and hopefully more to come like the cruise I’ll be on soon, etc I’ve decided to start a travel series. This post is about my experience at Eat Write Retreat that took place in Philly this May.

I feel so incredibly blessed to cover the stories I can for my readers. As founder of Small Chick Big Deals I am always trying to expand my horizons and continue learning how to make this site better for you readers. A few months back I heard about Eat Write Retreat, it’s an annual conference where food & lifestyle bloggers and brands all come together. In the past it’s taken place in Washington, DC but this year the conference made it’s mark conveniently in Philadelphia. By the time I found out about it, the early bird pricing had just ended and it wasn’t at all in my budget so I emailed the founders Casey & Robyn with questions but I knew it wasn’t going to happen. That was all until I got a tweet saying to check my email and I did. And as they say the rest is history and before I knew it, I was a volunteer at Eat Write Retreat the last weekend of May where I’d meet, learn, and eat with other food bloggers from all over the country, well world—people traveled from Canada to Miami just to attend.

I felt very fortunate and thankful to be a volunteer, yes it required some early morning and heavy lifting but I loved seeing how it was all put together and being some of the hands and feet to make it work. I also learned tons of lessons from the speakers and the people behind some well-known brands in the culinary world such as KitchenAid and OXO. Friday was great, I helped along with three other amazing volunteers—Kelly (@KellyBakes), Jen (@LiCiOuSFoOD), and Lisa (@JerseyGirlCooks) check in all 80+ attendees who were greeted with a name tag, swag tag, and the option to try gluten free donuts from a bakery nearby or Philly’s own, Federal Donuts.

Kelly and I were put on Federal Donuts pick up duty which was not a bad task at all being that I got to try their regular cinnamon sugar donut and cold-pressed coffee which were pretty close to beating some of my New York favorites. I also got to pick one of their “fancy donuts” to try once we brought them back to the conference and that was pretty good too. I really want to go back to Philly soon and get the full on experience because their fried chicken is supposed to phenomenal. Yes, I said fried chicken and donuts—heart attack on a plate but it sure seems worth it.

 The weekend took from there with a banquet dinner, giveaways, speakers, and more. It ended that Sunday with a taste of Philly. Since I feel the story of my weekend away at Eat Write Retreat is better told with picture, here goes nothing…

Kelly, Lisa, Jen, & I. Photo by Dotty Foley

Kelly, Lisa, Jen, & I.
Photo by Dotty Foley


As you can see it was there was not so much retreating but tons of learning! It was great to hear from fellow bloggers and brand reps. If you are a food blogger, I highly recommend you come out to Eat Write Retreat. I definitely plan on saving up to go next year and maybe even bringing a team member along, for a busy weekend with fellow foodies and networking! I’ve made so many friends so it was so worth it to attend!

Anyway, look out for more travel articles on the way! I can’t wait to tell you all about other retreats I’ve attended like #SweetEscape2013 in Vermont, my upcoming cruise, a trip to DC in the works, and much more!





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