#SCBDReview: @SurfTaco, A #JerseyShore Staple



So you’er down the shore for the summer and you’re craving some good coastal cuisine, especially tacos? Look no further than Surf Taco. I used to get Surf Taco all the time in high school, no joke! But since I’ve moved all over the state, I haven’t had time to have it until this week when my mom and I went out to lunch. We went to the location in Jackson where they have a bar so I got a frozen margarita which was huge, not too strong but delicious and mom got a glass of sangria.

It was hard to pick a specific taco or burrito I wanted for lunch since I hadn’t been there in so long so I opted for a combo, which was huge. I got two tacos– Mahi Mahi and Steak that came with chips, rice, and beans. I was ready to be underwhelmed since last time I went there I wasn’t super impressed. Luckily, I was impressed by the portion because it was huge, tacos were packed to the brim, meat and fish were cooked well, and the flavors were there. Of course, it still had the good ole Surf Taco taste to it like I remember.


My mom got the Aloha Burrito which has fresh salsa, chicken, and more in it. She really liked it and I believe it’s also her usual when she goes there. But she’s not too fond of raw onions and thought it was a bit much in the salsa.

But all in all, our little girls day lunch was a huge success, especially for a rainy day in New Jersey. I got to treat mom to drinks, she got to treat me to a nice lunch, and we got to catch up. We also both left with stomachs full of Surf Taco goodness.

Have you been to Surf TacoTweet me @smchickbigdeals and Arlene @ArleneGaona and let us know about your experience!

It’s a staple for us Jersey Shore locals so if you’re coming down to the Jersey make Surf Taco  one of your dining destination!



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