#SCBDReview: Broadway back at the Jersey Shore


Broadway is back at the Jersey Shore! When Sandy hit the Jersey shore I thought for sure Broadway Bar and Grill was not going to be able to make a return, and I was sad, so sad. A number of our favorite bands have played here: The Nobs and The Clamdiggers, to name just 2.

broadway 2We got there early on a Friday night, actually it was still afternoon. There were a few around the bar and a table or two full. The place was beautiful inside. When we walked in we were oogling the new digs. I could tell the bouncer was used to people doing this since the storm. Broadway used to be a dive and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It was a local spot for the locals and for the guys who fished on the boats and those of us who followed our bands. We were chatting with the bartender, Colleen, and I asked about the storm damage. I could see there was little of the original place there, but it was very similar. Colleen told us they had taken on 3-4 feet of water and it destroyed everything inside. Even the ceiling was damaged with mold from the water. WOW, did they do a good job. Lots of wood with clear lacquer, the booths had their logo on them as well and my favorite was the pictures lacquered to the bar itself. If you still want to call it a dive, you can but I think it is one cool spot.

broadway 1 AND let’s not forget the food they are most famous for …..burgers and wings. Now, you may be saying to yourself “I can get burgers and wings anywhere”. But I am telling you burgers and wings like the ones they have here are not to be had just anywhere. They make your burger how you ask for it, lately that’s been tough to get. Not only that, but this place is always a deal. A real deal. We had cheeseburgers, one with fries, one with chips and 3 drinks, I admit, I had 2. Our bill was less than $30. Plenty of other things on the menu too, think I might have to go back and try the ‘bucket of bacon’. hmmmm.

Broadway Bar and Grill
106 Randall Ave
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742
(732) 899-3272

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