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Hey Everyone! It’s Kristen Lefkus, one of the new writers here at Small Chick Big Deals. I was an athlete most of my life and because of this fitness remains not only a way of life but a passion too. In the last year I lost a total of 18 pounds. What’s my secret? Prepare to be shocked. The answer is: diet and exercise! Now I know this sounds silly but if anyone has tried to lose weight you know it isn’t easy. Last year a friend of mine introduced me to an app (which can also be accessed online) called MyFitnessPal. It is a 100% free daily calorie counting app.

MyFitnessPal tracks what you eat and your exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The app works by taking in information such as height, weight, age, and how active your daily life is. With this it calculates your daily calorie goal depending on whether you want to maintain, lose, or even gain weight. Each day you add in what you eat, drink, and exercise which can be anything from cleaning the house to lifting weights. The app will add and subtract calories as needed informing you of how many you have left for the day and what you have used up. You can weigh in as often as you want or even go by measurement if you choose in order to track your progress.


Using the app is both easy and simple. When something is entered in as a food or drink you can either search it or if possible scan the bar code. Most foods are available when searched for, especially at chain restaurants when you go out for dinner. Throughout the day you keep track of what you eat adding it to snacks or any of the meals during the day. While counting calories seems tedious, it is only that way when you have to do the math yourself. Being a Literature and Spanish major I was not about to do any math. The app makes it simple because you can use it on your phone or on your computer and it does everything for you. Overtime I learned great portion control and realized how much I was eating and how often I needed to go to the gym.

The great thing about this app is that you don’t need to change everything you eat; I didn’t. I did not buy different food or stop eating what I loved like chocolate. I ate different portions and I learned how to eat better whether I was at home or out to dinner. I started using the app in November (I know the worst time to try to diet is around the holidays) and in May of this year I reached my goal of losing 18 pounds. In no way was I unhealthy or ever felt like it was something I could not do. Self motivation isn’t easy and that is another great aspect of this app. You can connect with your friends and encourage each other as you reach your goals. Online there is an entire community you can be a part of to see what others have done in order to reach your potential. I was inspired by my friend and I hope that I have inspired some of you to start a healthy lifestyle!

Disclaimer: When starting any sort of diet or exercise plan please be healthy about it and consult a doctor if necessary.

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