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I’ve always been a trend spotter and love being the first to know the coolest up and coming designers, artists, singers and more. When I heard, Freddie Bourne, a Fairleigh Dickinson student I’ve known for a while was working on an album, I had to give you all the inside scoop:

Frederick “Freddie” Bourne is an American singer-songwriter, occassional actor, and keyboard player. Since his solo career began in 2012, Bourne has not strayed from the music scene, opening for acts such as Tyler Hilton from the television show “One Tree Hill”, Jersey Acoustic Music Award Winner Chelsea Carlson, and playing for Gavin and Joey DeGraw’s bar The National Underground. Bourne recently has been hard at work in preparation to release his first debut album, “Only Human”, which is expected for a August 6th release date on iTunes.

Canvas Clash Performance opening up for Tyler Hilton

SCBD:  How long have you been singing?

FB: I began to sing when I first learned the theme from “Barney & Friends” and I was playing piano with it at the same time. But I probably didn’t begin seriously until I was about 9-10 years old in school choirs.

SCBD: Who or what influenced you to start singing?

FB: Embarassing enough, I actually really looked up to Aaron Carter’s second album “Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It)” and I ended up knowing every single song on that album front and back emulating his voice. It was really awesome at the time to see someone that wasn’t too far away from my age doing something that was getting such feedback from people and making a living.

Live Room

SCBD:   How long have you been writing music?

FB: Writing music was actually a little later on. I knew that I always wanted to write but I ended up getting so discouraged because of numerous amounts of writer’s block growing up. Either it was that or it was the fact I was just simply too last to want to write. But when I got to high school and started doing shows with one of my bands, the songwriting came up as I wrote the music along with the other members. Probably around the age of 14 or 15 is when I decided to hone my songwriting technique.

Cafe Improv Performance

SCBD:  When did you decide to take up the album project?

FB: I’ve been planning to release one for about four years, whether it was with one of the bands I was in at the time, or the fact I wanted to rearranged cover songs, it was always something in mind. When both the bands broke up, I had all of these lyrics that were going to waste because the band never went through with them or we never worked on them. By then, I was asking myself, “What’s stopping me?”. I called up my producer the next day and said I’m ready to take this on and two and a half months later and nights till 3 am paid off.

Tom Browning Jr and Joe DeGaetano

SCBD: What kind of songs should we look out for?

FB: Many of these songs have a variety of context. The album is called “Only Human” because it explores many of the experiences that people feel like they go through alone, but the reality is that they are not alone. There comes a time where someone feels that they go through this abnormal feeling experience in their lives and that no one can compare nor understand. But my objective is for people, that this applies to, which essentially is everyone and anyone, that it isn’t overlooked and that it’s a part of living in this life we have.

SCBD: What’s your personal favorite?

FB: “Secret I’ve Kept” is still one of my all time favorites. I wrote this song about someone who never had the courage to tell a person they really felt a connection with. I feel many people just try to brush it off but it’s a nice thing to reminiscence about and then see the growth from that time period till now telling them how you feel in this song – which is focused on the emotion rather than all of the technical aspects of the track. We recorded it live in a church in one take because we wanted to make sure that the feelings were as honest and true as possible.


SCBD:  What’s one thing you want SCBD readers to know about you and the album?

FB: The album isn’t about me – I take the Dan Folgerburg approach and base it on observation. I feel when writing an album and it’s so close to who you as a person – it’s great people can see the struggles and the feelings you’ve had and your journey, but I’m not someone who wants to put my life out there and people get this idea or reputation of who I am. I rather them speak to me personally face-to-face, to know that information. This album focuses on the listener.

Control Room

SCBD: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

FB: I’m a type of person that goes day by day. I have no idea where I will be or what I will be doing as a career. I work in radio broadcasting and making excellent lead way there with internships at Howard Stern and whatnot. I see that as more ideal for me to be in case the music doesn’t work out to be a full time job.  The music industry is slim and the chances of making it are even tougher. The fact is, I know this album may not go anywhere, but that doesn’t discourage me because I knew I put something out with my heart and soul and something that will be appreciated by some. Even if only one person understands this album and the meaning, I’m satisfied.

SCBD: What’s one saying you live by?

FB: It’s not a saying but it’s definitely some helpful advice that helped me get through the creation process easily: Good and or bad reaction is better than no reaction at all. Regardless if people like certain songs or dislike others, at least it’ll make an impact on them in order to remember the track. If there is no reaction, it’s just shut out and just ends up in the background completely forgotten. I’d rather be bashed than have a bland “it’s okay” response.

 Thanks Freddie for giving us the exclusive look into your debut album, “Only Human” and make sure you listen to his debut single, “Push Away”!


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