#SCBDReview: Slap It Silly at Reservoir!


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Friday afternoon I walked into Reservoir Bar feeling out of place in my high heels and LBD post-work. In the back of the bar by the kitchen sat my friend The Writer on the velvet couch. The back was dimly lit, and he looked quite mysterious reading a book and drinking a beer under the mood lighting. There were posters all throughout Reservoir advertising different brands of beer. My favorite had to be the Porkslap Pale Ale poster that said: Slap it Silly!

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The Writer was drinking a LandShark Lager; it tasted warm and disgusting. He switched to Stella Artois which was much better. I ended up drinking a few bottles of Dogfish Head which is a craft brewed ale from Delaware. I highly recommend their 60 Minute IPA which is brewed year round. It’s called the 60 Minute IPA since it’s continuously hopped with more than 60 hop additions over 60-minutes.

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I really enjoyed the overall vibe of Reservoir Bar since it’s located in Greenwich Village. Since it’s an American sports bar, I anticipated sweaty men shouting about grown-up, manly things like sports, cars, and chest hair, but it ended up being mostly local college kids. This made sense to me considering it’s located on University Place between 10th and 11th which is right by NYU and the New School. Reservoir’s prices are extremely cheap for Manhattan since you can get 20 buffalo wings for $7.95. I wouldn’t imagine staying at Reservoir the whole evening of a night out in Manhattan, but it’s a great stop in between bar hopping or before dinner. Go on and Slap it Silly at a college sports bar!

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