#SCBDReview: Sparkling Ice, Usana Nutrimeal, Celsius Energy Drink, & Kate Farms Komplete Reviews


Hi SCBD Readers!  If you follow me on Instagram (marysakathrin) or Twitter (@marysa_miller) you may have noticed that I’ve been doing some awesome product reviews.  Even though I haven’t tried every flavor of every product I was sent, I wanted to do a little introduction post with my initial thoughts.  Every product I was sent to try was some sort of drink or meal replacement shake.

Let me start off by saying that I have been known to eat or drink some rather gross things simply because of their benefits.  Things like raw garlic to help a sore throat or a shot of apple cider vinegar to start my day.  I will try (almost) anything if it has some decent health benefit.  Even if it tastes like crap.

That being said…I was anxious to try the meal replacement shakes even though I had a feeling I wouldn’t like the flavor.  I’ve seen Sparkling Ice in stores and on billboards lately and couldn’t wait to try those as well!  I love soda water so these seemed right up my alley.  The Celsius Energy Drink was the only product that scared me.  I had a bad experience drinking Red Bull in High School and haven’t touched an energy drink since.

Here are my initial thoughts on the products I have tried so far:

sparkling celsius

Sparkling Ice in Pink Grapefruit

It’s pink so I felt instantly girly and fabulous pouring it into a little wine glass.  I was excited that it was carbonated, I love seltzer water.  On the label it clearly states that it’s zero calories but that doesn’t really stand out to me.  I pay more attention to ingredient lists than calories.  I liked the idea of the Pink Grapefruit flavor, but for my own personal taste it was way too sweet.  I do think that this flavor would be delicious mixed into a cocktail (or mocktail) with some more seltzer water, fresh lime juice, and plain vodka.  Let me know if you try it!

usana 2

Usana Nutrimeal, Dutch Chocolate  & Vanilla Flavor

I was really nervous to try these meal replacement shakes.  As previously mentioned, I really pay attention to ingredients rather than calories.  It was nice to see that there wasn’t anything too weird on the list.  There is also a good amount of protein & fiber in each flavor so I knew I’d be full and satisfied.

usana chocolate

I mixed the packet with 10 oz water and used a magic bullet to blend it for about 45 seconds, as directed on the package.  It seriously smells like chocolate cake mix.  I couldn’t wait to taste it.  Chocolate cake for breakfast?  YES, please.  I added in some ice cubes (most things taste better cold, at least IMO) and a little bit of stevia.  Not only did the shake fill me up after my morning workout but it kept me full until lunch.  The convenience of this meal shake and chocolatey flavor are enough to make me realize that these could become part of my daily routine.  In less than two minutes breakfast was done and I loved that.

usana facts

This morning I used the packet of vanilla mix to make a shake for breakfast.  It also smelled like cake which made me so excited to try it.  It seemed to be a little bit more watery which I didn’t like.  In my opinion, I liked the chocolate better.  However just like the chocolate, this was super easy to blend together and kept me full until lunch time.  Very impressed.

Stay tuned for continued updates on these products and more!

*Disclaimer: The PR team sent me this product. I was not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are my own and unbiased.*

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