#SCBDFavorite: Espresso Yourself with Culture

scbdfavoritephoto 1

I’m a Foursquare addict, and I have no shame admitting it since the app has many justifiable uses. One such use is the Foursquare recommendations I get in the greater NYC area. One of the recent suggestions was Culture Espresso on 38th Street and 6th Avenue. There was a big sign and banner on top of the coffee shop. I couldn’t help but notice how out of place the coffee shop looked in midtown, only a few blocks away from the Chrysler Building and the Empire State building.

photo 2

The vibe of Culture Espresso screamed Williamsburg on a Friday night. Here I was, though, on a Monday morning sitting on a bar stool tucked between a fashion blogger and a CUNY journalism student. I decided to have a $2 drip coffee, and while the coffee was good, it was nothing remarkable. There are several different blends they had in-house including Ethiopia Chelba, Guatemalan, Stereo Blend, Decaf Colombian, and Kenya Kagumoini. They played the kind of music that reminded me of what my Colombian writer friend enjoys: soft, folksy, and lyrically meaningful. A tiny coffee shop and Fleetwood Mac is the perfect way to start the Monday midtown work week.

photo 3

Culture Espresso is not a shop that I would consider going out of my way to visit. The main reasons I came to Culture that Monday morning were:

1)      To kill time before work

2)      It was too brisk of a morning to be outside since I stupidly forgot my favorite black Pashmina shawl at home.

However, if you are within the vicinity of Bryant Park or in the general midtown Manhattan area, then by all means I highly recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and staying a while at Culture. Culture is a great environment to study and write if you’re solo. It’s not a great place for groups given its small space. If you appreciate the sounds of Stevie Nicks at 7:00 AM when the café open during the work week, then grab a cortado so you can go your own way. Cheers!

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