#SCBDFavorite: Snack Your Way To Being Healthy


Hey SCBD Fans! One of the hardest things to do when it comes to dieting is to find a balance between meals and snacks. Having been a student and also working part time I know how hard it is to find good portions to keep you going through the day. Not only that, but doing it in a healthy way. When I started my weight loss I realized that my snacking was one of the reasons why I wasn’t in great shape. While you may choose snacks that are not that bad for you, it may be the lack of nutrition or even your portion size that ends up hurting you. Snacking is necessary in my opinion but it is difficult with a busy lifestyle. If you nanny at someone’s house or spend your day in a cubicle, you can always bring a small cooler (if necessary) or bag with healthy choices in it. Here are some of my favorites that I have used throughout my weight loss:

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100 Calorie Pack Smart Pop Orville Redenbacher Popcorn

I love popcorn! I used to eat a whole large bag of it every day throughout my elementary and high school days. These 100 Calorie Packs hold more than you think! It’s a great serving of popcorn which does fill you up has a slight salty taste to

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it to keep you satisfied. I usually have this between lunch and dinner as a small snack. Though it is Smart Pop there is definite flavor and you don’t feel so bad about eating it afterwards!

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Laughing Cow Cheese

These little wedges are amazing! I personally love the Garlic and Herb wedge and usually eat it with some sort of cracker (like Wheat Thins or Kashi crackers). Another alternative is to mix in some vegetables like a cucumber. Slice that up and eat it with the Swiss flavor and it makes a great refreshing combo! They are only 35 calories per wedge and packed with a lot of flavor. While they are not easy to eat during class, in a work environment at a desk this is definitely an option!

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Emerald Nuts

Having been a full time student I lived on 100 calorie packs that were easy to throw in my bag and not too disturbing to eat in class. The Dry Roasted Emerald Almonds are another favorite of mine. I usually like something with good flavor and the dry roasting definitely does that! It’s small to pack in a purse and almonds are always a great way to fill you up or at least curb your hunger. They have natural almonds in these packs too if you prefer something more traditional.

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Fruits and Vegetables

If possible, fruits and vegetables are always a great option for a snack. Mid-morning hunger is always a problem and I feel that having some fruit helps me get through that until lunch. Some easier options here are grapes or if you like carrots (plain or not there are always small dressing packs). I also understand that fresh items tend to be expensive which is why getting something in more bulk like blueberries or grapes will be worth the price.

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Special K Snack Bars

These are my lifesaver in all honesty! This is a small bar that can fit in a purse or a small bag easily and it definitely satisfies hunger! My favorite is the chocolate peanut flavor it’s a great thing to eat when you eat a good breakfast and are still a little hungry after. With the amount of protein and fiber it keeps you feeling full and gets you energized to get through the day. I always have one of these in my bag just in case! They are easy to pack and I definitely brought these to class and work.

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Special K Protein Shake

Yes another Special K product but I really think they do a great job! These shakes are great for any time of day and switches up the idea of having to eat something. Believe it or not these small bottles pack a punch! Much like the snack bars they have a good amount of protein and fiber and it fills you up. I tend to have these in the morning with my breakfast but if I am feeling a little hungry rather than grabbing some sort of snack I try this first. Usually I’m more than satisfied and it gets me through to my next meal. They have great flavors like vanilla and strawberry but my favorite is milk chocolate.

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When choosing snacks just make sure they are easy to pack and will fill you up. When it comes to 100 calorie packs and snack bars make sure you look at all of the nutrition facts! Most people just look at the calories and think that is all they have to worry about. Always pay attention to the amount of saturated fat and sodium. Some “healthy” options especially in the frozen food category try to make up for the calories with more than enough sodium. In the end you aren’t really making a healthy choice. These snacks are just some of my favorites that fill me up but still keep me healthy! There are endless possibilities you just need to find what works for you! Happy snacking!



Disclaimer: Before starting any diet or exercise program please consult your doctor.

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