#SCBDReview: Perfectly Posh at Pastis


On Monday night, I met up with The Dentist and his younger brother at Chelsea Market. Since they are from Pennsylvania, they trusted my SCBD skills to lead them to the proper dining establishment in the Meatpacking District. I suggested that we get perfectly posh at Pastis: a French restaurant made popular by the show Sex in the City. There, Carrie Bradshaw enjoyed brunch with “the Russian” while I dined with two handsome gentleman.

pastis `

For dinner, I had a Hamburger à Cheval which is a hamburger with a fried egg on it. It’s worth noting that Pastis only uses organic eggs. It was $17, which, even for Manhattan prices, I find a bit steep just for a burger. However, the hamburger with the organic fried egg was delicious. It came with a load of fries, a large bun, a huge crispy piece of lettuce, onions, and a tomato. The Dentist had a Croque-Madame, which was the same price as my hamburger.

pastis 2

A croque-madame is the same as a croque-monsieur except that the madame has a fried or poached egg on top. In parts of Normandy in France, this is called a croque-à-cheval. I’ve come to believe that Pastis is all about the cheval. The Dentist was really pleased about his grilled ham and cheese sandwich topped with the poached egg. He wasn’t sure if he had to eat the leafy decoration on the side, but I assured him that since he was paying $17 for a croque-madame that he could do whatever he wanted within the bubble of the non-judgmental SCBD reviewing zone.

The Dentist’s brother was an interesting character since he noticed that the wait staff was extremely adept at constantly refilling our waters. He was disappointed by the fact that the water was unnecessarily warm in the summer heat without ice cubes. He asked for a huge cup of ice, and they served us ice in a tiny cup with a spoon that was intended to serve all three of us. If you’re a fan of ice with your water, Pastis is apparently rather stingy when it comes to ice service. In fact, the service was not remarkable at Pastis, but I come to Pastis for the French food in the heart of the MPD.

pastis 3

The Brother had Assiette de Saumon Fumé which, on the menu, was listed under hors do’oeuvres, but the Brother had it as a resonable entrée. When you’re paying $16 for smoked salmon, potatoes, cucumber, and pickled onions, I’d rather have it as my entrée. The Brother was extremely pleased the Assiette de Saumon Fumé. He devoured the entire dish like a true champion of smoked salmon eating. The Dentist and I were too busy enjoying our Hoegaarden white ales and Stella Artois to notice much else. Cheers!



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