#SCBDUpdate: Happy Labor Day & Letter from the Editor-in-chief


Dear readers,

First I want to start off by wishing you all a very, Happy Labor Day. It’s crazy to think that the summer is officially over in a week or so. I felt it was only right that I write a letter to you all explaining why #SCBD slowed down content wise for a bit.

Grandma Frieda & I

Grandma Frieda & I

Now, it takes a lot for me to do this and share this with you all. On August 22nd at 2am I lost one of the women who has been there for me since I can remember and who influenced me in so many ways, my Grandma Frieda. It’s pretty ironic that the Smashburger post written by Arlene (her daughter, my mom–if you haven’t noticed) went up since she loved contests. She died at 91 because of old age but lived such a fulfilling life even if she didn’t really leave the tri-state area. Throughout her years here she won contests and was able to bake a cake in the Waldorf Astoria kitchen, won concert tickets galore, won dinners in the city, and so much more. She was always there for me and loved her grandchildren. So I’ll stop reminiscing for a bit and let you know I plan on doing a post to honor her on Grandparent’s Day, September 8th.

This is also the first time for I’ve experienced a death of someone I love as an adult personally and it hasn’t been easy. I just felt that you, the readers have the right to know and can probably relate to me in some way. I wish I saw her more before she left but I know she’s in a better place and I can continue her legacy.

But I have good news, with the help of my family, boyfriend and support of my great friends I am ready to get back into the swing of things. I also highly recommend seeing the new movie, Jobs if you haven’t because that really made me ready to do this. Ashton Kutcher played Steve Jobs very well, the movie made me laugh and cry and was surely motivating.

I guess I’ll stop talking, the team and I have some great new posts coming up these next couple of weeks.

Thanks again for reading, #SCBD– The lifestyle guide to ‘big deals’ to food, fashion, beauty, & more. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Here’s to a great week, life is way too short and I’m happy to share my and the team’s passion with you all.


Sara aka #SCBD



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