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Wow, I cannot believe summer is over. One of the best experiences I had this summer was being able to attend and intern for Alejandra Ramos of Always of Order Dessert‘s during her Sweet Escape Retreat weekend in Vermont. That weekend was another weekend filled with meeting and networking with other foodies, learning cooking techniques, relaxing, yoga and of course escaping to Vermont, the Good Commons Retreat Center to be exact.

Judy (of Fooditka.com) & I on the bus ride there.

Judy (of Fooditka.com) & I on the bus ride there.

For some of us, the weekend began by leaving New York City that Thursday afternoon in June for a 6 hour journey to Plymouth, Vermont. The journey was prepared amazingly by Alejandra and included home-cooked meals (chipotle chicken sandwiches to be exact) mixed beverages like tequila lemonade and sangria, and brownies for dessert. It was certainly the start to a great trip. Once we landed in Vermont later that night, we all got settled and crashed as we had an early morning coming up that Friday.



Those pictures are just some of the meals we prepared with Alejandra and some pictures of her demos. If we weren’t helping Alejandra prepare a meal we had the opportunity to do yoga in the morning, get a massage by the masseuse in-house, have me-time, see a demonstration by Boyden Valley Winery, Vermont Spirits, or Potlicker Kitchen.



Nancy of Potlicker Kitchen & I

Nancy of Potlicker Kitchen & I

One of my favorite demos was Nancy’s of Potlicker Kitchen. I actually met Nancy at the Spring Seasonal’s NYC Craft Beer Fest when I went with beer writer, Stephanie. I love what Nancy does, she makes artisan wine & beer jellies & jams. During the Sweet Escape she showed us how she makes her wine jelly. She is based in Vermont but you can get order her jams & jellies online on her Potlicker Kitchen website.




It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I know I definitely want to attend again next year and maybe even bring some

friends who like to attend on board. I had never been to Vermont before and everyday was beautiful, we had no service but we had each other, good food, good cocktails and drinks, the cows, nature, and open minds– and last time I checked those all made for a great weekend.

Alejandra & I

Alejandra & I

Thank you again, Alejandra (pictured above) for letting me a part of this wonderful experience. It was definitely a highlight of my summer and I am so happy I could share the experience with my readers! I learned so much about myself, food, and life that weekend!

Good News! Alejandra is holding a Sweet Escape Fall Flavors this October! Find out more information, here (or click picture below). Don’t miss out on an amazing weekend away!

sweet escape fall

Planning on attending Sweet Escape Fall Flavors? Leave us a comment below!

Here’s to more travel pieces coming up, including my cruise this past July and more!




More pictures from Vermont:



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