#SCBDReview: The Down Low on Bungalow- Hookah, Food, Drinks, & More


IMG_1583Atlantic City, New Jersey– Atlantic City is a city of sin, but it is also a city that has fabulous restaurants on every corner. I recently visited for my birthday with my boyfriend, brother and friend. We decided to spend the first night at a bar with music and an electric violinist to relax and ‘ring-in’ my birthday at midnight. We walked on a path to the beach to find a very cute and cozy roped in area with a bar, lounge chairs, tables, and bench seats filled with pillows. There were lights, lit, going on and off to the music of this very intense and amazing violinist. We sat down, and although it was a bit loud and dark, we decided to have some drinks and looked at the Hookah menu. I enjoy Hookah and was very excited to find this awesome place on the beach, with hookah on the menu. We ordered pineapple flavor with a pineapple extra.


The four of us also ordered drinks, I got the Classic Mojito, my brother got a soda and vodka, my boyfriend got a cranberry and vodka, and my friend got a pomegranate martini.  My mojito was outstanding, but the martini was a bit weird. It didn’t taste like pomegranate and was a bit bitter, just not to our liking. There was an error in the vodka used in one drink as well, we told the waitress and she fixed it, without a problem! Once we got the hookah, it was outstanding. We all had our own little plastic piece to use on the hose. This was for sanitary reasons. The hookah lasted very long, it was $35.00 plus $15 for the pineapple extra, but it lasted for hours with four of us smoking it. Well worth it, especially being the location we were in with the great techno-type music being played. If you are not into hookah, this free beach bar is great for anyone. If you just want some drinks or even to just eat. We also order food during our evening adventure. We ordered a 3-Dip Hummus Platter. The three dips included a Hummus, an Eggplant Dip, and a Spicy Feta Dip. It came with fresh, warm Pita to dip with.  It was delicious. All three dips where fresh and had such a great taste to them. We loved them all, they were creamy and sweet and one was spicy. It was not overly spicy; it was enough to enjoy it and not have your mouth on fire. We ran out of Pita before the dip, so we asked our waitress if we could get more. She warned us she might not be able to but was going to check what she could do, and about 6 minutes later we had more Pita to finish this outstanding snack.


The next day we decided to go back to the restaurant part on the Boardwalk for lunch. It was really cute with wood tables, chairs, and umbrella’s at most tables. There were also bench type seats at the beach bar had too on the side. There was also an inside, but we did not go in. I started my meal with a Mimosa it was my birthday, so I had to celebrate. It came right out in a champaign class decorated with an orange. It was very good. They did have a prefix meal that included a specific type of sandwich, salad, and drink for about $20.00. Ultimately, we decided to order our own things. My brother got a vegetable salad; it was so fresh and delicious and included various vegetables and onions. I got the ****. I also substituted my french fries for a side salad. It was a big salad with very fresh, crisp lettuce, I got real smooth and thick balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  It was so good and all the food was made fresh. The service was great too, our waiter was attentive and made sure we got what we needed on a timely matter. Middle Eastern music was also playing in the background, but not too loud.


Overall I would return to Bungalow Lounge and Restaurant. It
has great Middle Eastern Food, great service, and the location is perfect. During the day you can also go on the beach bar, and I am going to opt for that option next time I get to Atlantic City, New Jersey.



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