#SCBDExclusive: Indulge in the Sage Lifestyle with Products from the Candle and Fragrances Collections.


Nothing beats a long day working or sitting in class like lighting candles and relaxing. So, when I got home to a box of Sage, I was ready to just kick back and relax.

My candle from the Sage Candle Collection is stunning. For starters, the packaging itself is beautiful. It shows the attention to detail of the candle, each candle comes in its own Japanese paper box. You can either stick the candles back in the case when you are finished or you can re-purpose it. I use mine for holding little office supplies like paperclips and such. The colors are vibrant which I love because I love little functional and pretty things.

Now onto the actual candle, I

must say it smells heavenly. Sometimes, I just grab it and take a long whiff because it just smells that good.

Along with my candle came a roll-on perfume from the Sage Fragrances Collection that is the perfect subtle scent. I put some on my wrist before I go to class and six hours later it smells like I just put it on. This is a huge departure from the perfumes and body sprays I use where you kind have to reapply to smell it hours later.

Indulge in some amazing scents from the Sage Candle Collection like Onyx, Jade, Moonstone, Amber, Coral and more!

*Disclaimer: The PR team sent me this product. I was not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are my own and unbiased.*


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