#SCBDFashion: Transitioning from Summer to Fall Fashion


Sadly, summer has come and gone, and we are quickly approaching the dreaded closet switch of exchanging those crop tops for fur vest. But, don’t pack those summer dresses just yet! Before you head to the storage to get those boxes of winter clothes, read these simple styling tricks to take your warm weather basics into fall. Maybe, now you can wear that favorite skirt a few weeks longer!

However, it is time to put t-shirts in storage and bring out printed blouses. When wearing denim, choose the darker shades. We often get the summer vibe with faded denim; darker jean looks more polished with cooler weather. Printed blouses will look great with your dark denim. Of course, you want to bring back your favorite pieces from last fall, but only if they fit. Now, to the styling tricks…

                         JCrew-FW11-Look-04-xln  JCrew-FW11-Look-07-xln

 DON’T let layering get the best of you. Layering is great for extending summer favorites into fall, however keep it simple, the key is to make sure you don’t go beyond three pieces. Also, do keep some skin showing when layering; this keeps you looking ideal for those fluctuating temperatures.

While on the topic of showing skin, DON’T bare your midriff. Rolling up your sleeves or cuffing pants are the fall transition moves.

                           JCrew-FW11-Look-25-xln JCrew-FW11-Look-13-xln

DO wear blazers over your sundresses. Pairing a dark layer over a summer dress will add a few more wears to those gorgeous summer dresses. Also, try cardigans over your dresses, or even your sleeveless tops. They come in different lengths, materials, and styles, giving you options for all those summer dresses. Long sleeve shirts may even come in handy under those dresses. DO add tights to dresses. You can still wear your favorite summer dresses by throwing on a pair of tights underneath, no one will ever notice you wore it during those really hot summer days.

                          SP11-WomensLook-OF-18-007-xln  JCrew-FW11-Look-01-xln

DO mix up bottoms. Transition to fall by choosing heaver fabrics on bottom. Tailored leggings and tights are an alternative to shorts and trousers. However, when wearing tights or leggings, DON’T show the world your shapewear or undies. Tights are a go to item in the fall, but watch hemlines so your control top tights aren’t ever visible.

 DON’T choose an outfit that makes you look like you’re ready for the disco. Choose pieces with sheen, shine or sparkle to glam up outfits, however metallic can often be over the top.

DO stretch out sandal season. Keep toes exposed as long as you can by pairing fall pieces with summer sandals. DON’T wear socks in sandals, say no to the knee-highs with stilettos or to knee-highs with sandals. Avoid using white tennis socks!

                        JCrew-FW11-Look-10-xln   JCrew-FW11-Look-19-xln

Accessories are your bestfriends. However, DON’T overdo it. Knitwear, such as caps and scarves are safe, but don’t wear more than one fall accessory at a time. Scarves have a way of updating any outfit. Animal print added to outfits, with a belt of bag, are great transitional accents. Neutral bags are always great fall accessories. With that being said, DO wear your neutral beach bags. They will come in hand when needing to carry everything in one.

                          JCrew-FW11-Look-21-xln JCrew-FW11-Look-05-xln

DO bring out the fall color wheel. Start introducing shades of orange, rust, mustard yellow, maroon, eggplant, camel, and greys. Also, try the khaki and white color comb. Wear this color combo with your favorite jeans.

DON’T bringing hiking gear off the mountain. There are thousands of fall jackets you could pick from. Fleece doesn’t quite scream “fashionista.”

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Last, but not least, DON’T forget to change you nail polish color. Fall is all about darker shades, brown, taupe and sandy colors are always seen during this season. If you’re really feeling the darker shades try black, want something new, try a green or mustard yellow, there is always maroon, too.

 Hope you have fun transitioning all of your favorites summer pieces into your new favorite fall pieces.

 From my closet to yours, The Short Girl with the Long Hair

Link to fall fashion photos: http://www.elle.com/runway/ready-to-wear/fall-2011-rtw/j.crew/collection/#slide-26. Nail polish photos were found on Pinterest.

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