#SCBDFitness: SWEAT Performance Center

scbdfitness -4Have you ever found yourself at the gym staring blankly at the rack of weights? This was a predicament that I faced far too often; retreating to my elliptical in a state of confusion and defeat. As an athlete, I had the basic lifting techniques down: curl 5 pound dumbbells, use leg press machine, hit the ab machine and call it a day. Unfortunately, this method of body sculpting is slightly flawed, in almost every way.

I know what you’re thinking: “LIFTING? I don’t play a sport; I don’t want to get big!” Fear not SCBD readers, because the answer is closer than you think. When my sister started going to a personal trainer, I asked my parents where they procured a money tree, and how I could get one too. The idea of personal training seems out of reach for most, a service that few can afford consistently.  Fortunately, SWEAT Performance Center makes personal training not only effective, but affordable. SWEAT stands for Strategic Weight Energy Activity Training. Located in Upper Saddle River in Bergen County, SWEAT offers personal training, small group training, semi-private training, weight loss, boot camp classes, post rehabilitation, golf fitness and athlete performance training.

-6Damien Johnson, a highly certified and respected personal trainer, opened SWEAT in July 2011. Since then, he has helped numerous people, both athletes and non-athletes, achieve their fitness goals. I asked Damien if he was passionate about what he does, to which he responded: “Passionate doesn’t even cover it; I need to find a better word. It’s my entire life.”

The best part about training is that anyone can do it. You don’t have to be an athlete, a fitness junkie, or even in shape to begin the transition to a healthier body and better life. The hour-long sessions are both convenient and flexible, making training easy to fit into almost any schedule.

-5SWEAT is offering a special deal just for SCBD readers. Stop in to SWEAT at 103 Pleasant Ave Suite C in Upper Saddle River, NJ (right off of Route 17 North) and show this post, and receive 20% off your first single training session. Contact Damien at (201) 483-9473, and visit SWEAT on the web at www.cometosweat.com or check them out on Facebook. Stay fit foodies!

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