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The art and taste of tea is more than just Lipton black tea. There are infinite mixtures of herbs, fruits, flowers, and plants that you can blend to be a fabulous tea. Tea dates back to medicinal use and then became popular as a regular drink (but of course with many benefits still). About 144 years ago, the tea Kusmi Tea came about. A young man who started as a delivery boy turned his knack for blending tea into a beautiful company and numerous tea houses. Kusmi tea is a Russian based tea brand, and from that expanded to different countries. After the passing of the creator, the future Of Kousmichoff teas did not look good. Until 2003, the Orebi brothers took it over. Their main focus was coffee and cocoa, but they eventually went to re-mastering the original tea of the company.

Tea has many benefits, especially the new detox collection from Kusmi tea. I tried every tea that the company generously sent me. I do have a full list of my review on all of them located http://beautifltragedi.tumblr.com. As I was going through, I choice the top 5 tea’s that I really enjoyed and now will be adding to my top flavored teas and tea brand.

Tea 1

Jasmine Green Tea:

Some jasmine teas are very bitter and strong this tea had such a beautiful taste. It was smooth and sweet like jasmine tea needs to be. I steeped it for about two minutes, and it did not taste over powerful. Jasmine is one of my favorite teas, it is relaxing and refreshing. This is a very floral taste tea. I enjoyed this tea in the morning with my breakfast. Like most teas I drink, once they start to cool off, I add ice to make iced tea. I did this and it was just as refreshing. The caffeine in this is rated low, so it could be a great evening drink to relax you before bed time. I love jasmine tea at night with a cookie or pie. I did not sweeten this tea, the taste was perfect without it, some bitter teas need it but as I said this jasmine tea was not, so I did not sweeten it.

Tea 2
Spearmint Green Tea:
The spearmint green tea is low on caffeine. Spearmint is good for digression, quenching thirst, and has a good amount of antioxidants. I again had this in the evening after a late dinner. I was quite full and this tea helped relax me and make me free less bloated and full. The aroma was so pleasing to the Nose and it also helped aid the relaxing aspect of it. The taste was subtle, a tea with a light spearmint taste to it. It was so refreshing. Next time I am going to try this iced. The cold ice would definitely accentuate the spearmint and make it a bit stronger in that end of taste. Over all I highly recommend this and look forward to more nights enjoying this light tea.
Algothe Tea:
This was a perfect drink for the evening right before bed. It is a light tea but can be on the stronger side if you let it brew long. It had a light mint taste to it. Considering this tea includes nanah mint and seaweed in it, it tastes nothing like seaweed. It was another relaxing tea with a bright feeling of antioxidants in it. It reminded me of a chamomile type tea, but tasted a little more exotic than that. A good tea indeed and it really could be enjoyed any time of the day, although mid afternoon and evening would be most ideal.

Tea  3

BB Detox:
This tea is a wonderful tea that not only tastes so refreshing and delicious but it also is detoxifying, beautifying, protecting, and moisturizing. The mix of green tea, mate, and grapefruit make this a light flavorful tea. And the detoxifying part is so healthy with helping eliminate excess fluid. The caffeine is not too high and is also high in antioxidants. This tea is one of my favorites of the bunch due to the subtle grapefruit. Another great tea and it could even be refreshing on a hot summer day over ice.


This tea is delicious; it has so many flavors to it. I expected a detox tea to taste weird, but u was so happy I got to try this. It was a green tea with lemongrass and lemon. It is a very fruity flavor that is sweet and low in caffeine. The mix of all the ingredients added vitamins, minerals, and helps aid digestion. It is a good drink to have to relax and restore the body. It is such a plus to have something contain so many vitamins and minerals, and on top of that to taste so good.

tea 4

All of these teas come in different amounts. There is an 8.8 oz Metal tin (250g), a 4.4 oz Metal tin (125g), a pack of 20 muslin tea bags, or the individual envelopes tea bag. I overall highly recommend this company, brand, and fabulous tea. They are so generous and really care about their product. Their teas are fresh tasting and there are so many options of flavors. I recommend to check their website out, http://us.kusmitea.com/, because they have all the teas listed, prices, as well as gift ideas and packs that are great for friends!


Kusmi Tea Summer Cocktails

Website: http://us.kusmitea.com/

Twitter:    @Full_Picture


*Disclaimer: The PR team sent me this product. I was not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are my own and unbiased.*

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