#SCBDLifestyle: The Fitness Trends that Exploded in 2013

scbdfitnessWe’re all familiar with fads, trends and crazes – they seemingly come in waves throughout the years. Some stick around while others quickly fade away, leaving us primed and ready for the next big thing. If you have access to the internet (which is everyone reading this post), you’re probably more than familiar with the fitness-mania 2013 brought about. It appeared that everyone was involved with some new, hip way to get their body in pique physical condition.

When it comes to the complex duality of fitness and health, finding the right routine can sometimes prove as the most difficult step. So, here’s a look at some of the hottest fitness trends that aid in getting us off our feet and into a healthier, happier body.

Extreme Obstacle Course Races

By now, you probably know a few people who have run the gauntlets of these branded extreme obstacle course races. It’s safe to say that obstacle course races offer a fresh and exhilarating alternative to the traditional marathon, 10K, 5K, etc…

As with any branded approach, each organization strives to deliver something unique to its participants. Take the 24-hour “You May Die Death Race Obstacle Course,” for instance. As part of the Spartan Race series, the name alone sounds like it’s meant for ex-special forces operatives, and maybe it is. With a 90% attrition rate, contestants face a barrage of mental and physical challenges, like sleep deprivation, mud runs and trail runs.

If you don’t have time for a 24-hour race, there are plenty of other options on the market. Tough MudderWarrior Dash and Rugged Maniac are all popular selections. Regardless of preference, these obstacle experiences are designed to test fitness components beyond your running capacity.


If CrossFit isn’t the new, stylish way to get a completely jacked body then I’m missing something important. According to Google’s web definition, CrossFit combines weight lifting, sprinting and gymnastics to bring participants to a well-rounded state of fitness. CrossFit’s focus on complete fitness draws popularity because participants engage in a sequences of unconventional and crippling workouts. Besides, who doesn’t like rowing five miles, followed by performing 30 squats, followed by climbing a 20-foot rope? Muscles.

If you’re looking for the real deal then tune into The CrossFit Games, a national event where the best-of-the-best compete annually. The games comprise of 6-days worth of grueling events that change from year to year. Challengers from around the globe work their way through regional events to earn a competing seat. This year, contestants were required to showcase their endurance swimming abilities in a pool event that looked like a lot of fun…

-2Spinning (Exercise Bikes)

Not as extreme as the previous two fitness alternatives, spinning requires a stationary exercise bike and closely mimics a real rode bike experience. Commonly a group activity, spinning incorporates High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to rev-up your cardiac output and improve overall cardiovascular fitness. HIIT consists of periods of intense anaerobic exercise coupled with less-intense recovery periods.

Classes may include rows of exercise cycles for many people and an instructor usually motivates attendees by playing upbeat music and shouting motivational instructions. This is a great way to get in shape for people of all ages. Plus, because it’s a low impact exercise, people with knee, spine or hip problems should consider spinning as a workout alternative.


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