#SCBDFitness: Three Muay Thai Workouts that Anyone Can Do

scbdfitnessWhen I first read the title, I was definitely intimidated, but when I pressed play on the video I was glad I did. I learned three workouts that have changed my life. I not only added them to my workout routine, but I also am telling all my friends and coworkers about it. I even told my fitness instructor about it and he wants to incorporate it into his class. This mini workout has opened up my life to look beyond the name and type of exercise, but instead look at the workout and benefits of it. I am learning to try new things, because changing your workout routine is healthy and actually recommended. Muscle confusion is the best for gaining what you are looking for, be it weight loss, muscles gain, or toning up. Adding new workouts also makes a workout more interesting. Doing the same old crunches or planks get boring and eventually don’t help aid what your final goal is unless you change it up. You can plateau, and then get frustrated and give up. It is a vicious circle, thank goodness people like Tyler Peterson, from GQ’s Fighting Weight, can help aid us in moving out of a simple workout routine and to adding styles from Muay Thai.

The three workouts I did were the Lay Down to Plank to Push up, Stabilized Leg Press, and Superman. It is recommended to start slow and low on reps. Tyler said that you can either do it by a number or by a time span; either way keeping good form is key to working out and getting the benefits of the workout.

The first workout, Lay down to Plank to Push Up, starts with laying on your arms face down with your feet flat down.

Plank step  1Then, as a whole lift your body back to end in a plank position. The entire time you must squeeze your entire body to stay in a solid mass.

Plank step 2Once up in the plank, I enjoyed to hold it a few seconds. You can also intensify the position by going up into a push up position and doing a pushup. If a full pushup is too hard, either don’t do it or go down to your knees to do a modified pushup.

Plank step 3Then, return to the plank and go back down to the starting positions. This really works more than just one muscle. It works triceps since your grip is tight into your body. During this exercise your shoulders are also working hard to help keep your body stable. Your chest is also getting a nice light workout; the chest gets a better workout when you add the push-up. Of course, your core is working hard to help keep your body tight, stable, and up. This is a great workout for working multiple muscle groups at once.

I personally am a huge fan of this workout, as I stated already, I have added all of these to my workout. But, I do this workout a lot because it is a good all-around workout.

The second workout is a Stabilized Leg Press. This is done while sitting on your behind, sitting on a forty-five degree angle in the back and hugging your knees.

Leg Press 1Open your knees and arms to extend your legs out in front of you while reclining your back towards the floor. The higher your legs are, the more difficult the exercise will be.

Leg Press 2I also liked this position. It is a great core exercise that is not the same old boring crunch. It helps on strengthening the core, not just abs. You have to concentrate to balance and coordinate your leg and upper body movement with staying stable.

Superman 1The third and final exercise is a Superman. This was the only exercise that I had done before; it is great because it works your back (upper and lower). Lay on the floor, stomach and face down with your hands and arms extended; as if you are lengthening your body as much as you can. Once ready to start, you then lift your lower body and upper body as far up towards the ceiling as you can. You have other options with this exercise. You lift like I stated and hold at the top of the motion a few seconds or just do the exercise at an even slower pace. You can also mix in a pulse near the top of the move to change it up throughout the workout. This is another fabulous workout I have already added to my life that is fun to do because it is a move that we often do not do.

Superman 2Overall, these three exercises really helped me move out of my box, and move on to new and exciting workouts and routines. Try new things, workout often, but be smart about it. Do not overdo it, remember form is important over the number of reps you do. Be healthy!


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