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A few weeks ago on a Friday night some of the team (Kristen, Missy, Kelly, Michael) and I went out for dinner at David Todd’s City Tavern on South Street in Morristown, NJ.  We had great conversation and a perfect meal. I was so impressed with every dish we tried and the quality of our service at David Todd’s was remarkable! The presentation of every dish was phenomenal and the flavors were perfect. I’d highly recommend David Todd’s to any Morris county resident and it’s honestly worth the trip if you aren’t!

johnny appleseedmusselsred fish

I was extremely excited for our team dinner was at David Todd’s. I heard so much about it and couldn’t wait to try it. Once we were seated, the five of us each got to enjoy one of their handcrafted cocktails, they had a great seasonal variety. I loved the “Johnny Appleseed” cocktail I picked. The bread they serve was delicious and I couldn’t stop eating it. Next they sent out some of their signature appetizers such as short rib pierogies, moules mariniere, duck confit tacos, seafood tartare, and scallops.  My favorite entrees had to be the duck confit tacos and the tartare. While we were waiting for our entrees, the sommelier guided us on picking a white and red wine to share. I tried the red and really liked it. It had depth and wasn’t to dry.  As for entrees,  they sent out another wonderful variety of their signature dishes that included red fish, vegetable strudel, pork mignon, seared duck breast, and more. My favorite entrees were the seated duck breast and the strudel. The seared duck breast was cooked perfectly, you would have never guessed it was duck. It was also served alongside a delicious bok choy. The strudel I loved, we all agreed it was fresh and like, “Thanksgiving in a strudel.” I would definitely get it again and don’t think I would’ve ordered the strudel had they not sent it out.


Last, they sent out two of their signature desserts, chocolate bread pudding with their homemade cotton candy and their signature cheesecake. I loved the brownie and loved the cotton candy it added a fun twist to it, it also didn’t overwhelm it. I am normally not a huge cheesecake fan but I was extremely impressed with their cheesecake, it was what the perfect cheesecake should taste like in my eyes. It’s even accompanied with a Red Bull Anglaise. I  am looking forward to many more trips back to David Todd’s and plan on dining their more often. The service was outstanding and the food was extremely impressive for the area!

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Kelly’s POV:
David Todd’s exceeded my expectations. The dinner we had was presented in an extremely professional manner. Since there were five of us attending the dinner, we were all given one entree and one appetizer each. The appetizer I focused on was a seafood tartare surrounded by freshly sliced cucumbers. I was particularly fond of the Tomahawk Short Ribs which were slowly braised with sweet potato mash and caramelized parsnips. The sommelier introduced our group to a delicious red wine from South West France called Marcillac which had an interesting spice along with a raspberry aroma. I would come back to David Todd’s for the eclectic American cuisine along with the special recommendations of the sommelier. I would have never heard of Marcillac until that dinner!

veggie dishpork loinphoto 5

Missy’s POV:
David Todd’s is a Morristown staple. I live local to Morristown and as I have mentioned in a few of my reviews, I have made it a goal to eat my way around the town. Although this was not my first time at David Todd’s, it was no less impressive than any of my past visits. In fact, it only made me love it more.

The food is best described to be innovative comfort food. We were treated to dishes such as short rib pierogi, duck confit tacos, pork mignon, and mushroom and vegetable strudel (Just to name a few). The service quality was also superb. From the attentive waitstaff, who even crumbed each setting after every course, to the wine expert who skillfully helped us select perfect pairings to our meal, we were taken care of with a bit of sophistication.


Michael’s POV:
The food, service, and atmosphere at David Todd’s was absolutely outstanding. Even as picky of an eater as I tend to be, I loved every appetizer and entree we sampled. The tuna tartare appetizer was particularly flavorful with impeccable presentation, and the sauteed scallops  were cooked to perfection, practically melting in your mouth. I was most pleasantly surprised by how well the duck (both appetizer and entree) was prepared — succulent and tender — considering most places where I’ve eaten duck tend to overcook it or serve it too dry. Finally, when it came to desert time, I had forced myself to make room for David Todd’s Cheesecake, which turned out to be the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot of cheesecake!) I was also very impressed with the sommelier, who recommended two excellent red and white selections from the restaurant’s extensive wine list. I will forever recommend David Todd’s to people looking to dine out in the Morristown area!

cocktail menuphoto 3appsphoto 4

Kristen’s POV:
David Todd’s atmosphere was trendy and fun, but yet relaxing at the same time. Starting when I first walked in, I was welcomed and treated so well. The staff is very nice and helpful. A moment that sticks out in my mind was the recommendations of the wine selection for us, the connoisseur chose one white and one red win for us to have, and both wines were outstanding. Along with the drinks, we started the evening with martinis. Our waitress recommended a few, which one of the selections was called the Fig Sidecar. It was a wonderfully blended mix of liquors and fig.

All of the food was also outstanding; my favorite appetizer was the Pierogi (Short Rib Pierogies) and the mussels (Moules Mariniere). I am never a fan of pierogies, but these has so much flavor and were more than just potato in pasta plus it had the added short rib to the mix. The mussels were divine and fresh, no fishy taste or anything to them. These were accented with white wine, cherry tomatoes, parsley, and butter garlic aioli. Finally, my favorite entree had to be Pork Mignon paired with fingerling Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts. Everything about this entree was delicious and fresh, I would have this again in a heartbeat. I also enjoyed their homemade mashed potatoes, fresh and full of taste. One final note, an outstanding vegetarian dish, the Mushroom & Vegetable Strudel was outstanding and full of fresh vegetables and a ton of taste to wake those taste buds up. This restaurant is outstanding and a must go-to in Morristown, NJ.

David Todd’s is #SCBDApproved!



*Disclaimer: The restaurant paid for our meal. We were not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are our own and unbiased.*

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