SCBDReview: October’s Birchbox- trying the samples in real life

scbdreviewI am going to be writing about my monthly October Birchbox that I received.  Birchbox is a monthly $10 subscription (annual for $110 and Quarterly for $30) that sends small sizes of the “best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market,”as stated on their site The monthly boxes offer consumers a way to try the top beauty products for sale online and in stores. A men’s version of this box is also offered called Birchbox Man. The man box includes grooming products, accessories-like socks or electronic accessories.

Birchbox offers products from a variety of different brands, from well-known companies to more prestigious and higher end products. Every product is tested by Birchbox employees and the top picks are sent in monthly boxes. For the products consumers enjoy and want to buy, products can be purchased on Occasionally, deals and free shipping are offered, to go along with the order! On top of that, a loyalty program is offered. The loyalty program allows consumers to shop and gain points, which can be used towards future purchases.

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I always get so excited to see the bright, pink Birchbox in my mail box.

Picture 2

Once the hot pink cardboard box is opened, a smaller, sturdy brown box is underneath.

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Once, the brown box is opened consumers will find a card that explains the theme and type of products that are included in the month’s box.

Picture 4

The October card says ‘Beauty Buzz’ and explains about what is included in the month’s box. The card also included the month’s special, ‘Birchbox Find.’ The Birchbox Find is included in the box in a special baggie; in addition to the four mini samples of the month’s product picks.

Picture 6

The first product included in the box is by dr. brandt® and is a ‘microdermabrasion skin exfoliate’. The full size runs for $78.00. This product is a “breakthrough at-home treatment for a glowing complexion—no pricey dermatologist appointment required.” Use this “1-2 times per week, gently massage a quarter-sized amount into dam skin and rinse.” I decided to use this product first, and used it in the shower. This smells so good, as soon as I put it on my fingers I could smell the hint of chamomile and Ale Vera, it was such a good smell. When I rubbed the product on my face there was what felt like tiny beads all over. It felt like I was taking all the dead skin off of my face. I let the product sit for 1-2 minutes, it slightly burned a bit after scrubbing. But, it did go away and made my skin feel refreshing. The product came off right away while rinsing my face. I immediately felt a difference; my entire face felt clean and refreshed. After getting out of the shower, my face still felt nice and smooth. I added some light cream (that I used every day), and rubbing that on I could feel a difference in from my how my face felt earlier that day. I will try this product again in about 3 days.

Once three days past, I tried this product again. This is a great product and I still really like it. I have sensitive skin and this product works well with it. I am going to continue to use this product every so often when my skin feels dull, and needs to be refreshed. The three main ingredients in this product are aluminum oxide crystals, which helps polish and remove dead skin cells, lactic acid, which gently sweeps away dead skin cells and softens texture, and a combination of jojoba, aloe vera, and chamomile which blend to soothe and refresh (found on their website).

Picture 5

The second item included in the box was from 12 Benefits™ and is an ‘Instant Healthy Hair Treatment’. This product goes for $19.00. This product was “created by two industry experts, this heroic all-in-one detangles, protects, and heals.” To use it, “spritz damp or dry strands from mid-lengths to ends. Style as usual”.  I tried this product after my shower; I sprayed it in before I brushed my hair. It smells divine, it is sweet. It was a pleasure to put that scent into my hair. I put the treatment in my hair and and brushed it, which had a lot of knots in it. The treatment helped smooth my hair and helped the brush go through it with no problem. While blow drying, my hair felt normal. Sometimes when I use a product I can feel it while blow drying my hair. I used a round brush and then switch to using my fingers in between. I did not feel any sticky or dry residue. My hair was actually really silky and smooth. As my hair dried, I could physically see a difference. My hair looked shiny and healthy, almost like it does after I get a fresh haircut. Once it was completely dry my hair looked fuller. It added some volume and helped the volume stay. My hair was smooth, frizz free, and felt very soft and healthy. Finally, a product that can help my hair look fresh and restored without waiting 20 minutes or making it feel icky. I love this product, and am going to use it maybe once a week. I like the idea to not use the porduct all the time, even though 12 Benefits™ recommends using it daily, after each shower. I am going to use the product when I feel like my hair needs some rejuvenation or I am going out and want my hair to look amazing. I definitely recommend this!

One last thing, the spray bottle and website lists the 12 Benefits™ of Instant Healthy Hair Treatment. Here is the list:

“Our formula, when applied after shampooing and conditioning, works to: Seal hair color + Smooth frizz + Repair damage + Prevent split ends + Moisturize dry hair + Strengthen fragile hair + Prevent flat iron damage + Prevent chlorine, wind & sun damage + Add shine, softness and a silky finish + Protect hair from blow-drying + Improve detangling & manageability + Keep hair youthful -”

Picture 7

The third product is by Supergood!® and is called ‘City Sunscreen Serum’. The full size goes for $20 – $42. This product is anti-aging and has an SPF of 30. It is a serum rather than a lotion, “which creates a weightless UV shield and can be worn year-round.” Supergood!® recommends “applying a thin layer in the morning. Wear alone or as a primer under makeup.” I tried the serum on my face one day I knew I would be going out in the sun. I tried the product on my arm and my face, it went on very smooth. The serum did not feel greasy or oily like most sunscreens do. It did have a subtle hint of sunscreen smell, but not strong. It applied smoothly; it was easily spreadable to cover large areas with a small amount. I would recommend this product and I will be purchasing this serum during my next trip to the tropics.

The fourth product is by theBalm® cosmetics and is ‘Stainiac in Beauty Queen’. This product is a lip or cheek stain, it has a rosy tint to it but is very sheer. A full-size runs for $17.00. To use for a cheek stain, dot the product onto your cheeks and rub the product in quickly. To use for lips, apply the product like a lip gloss.  I decided to use this both as a lip stain and cheek stain on an evening out with friends. I first used the ‘Birchbox Find Alert’ gift, the ChapStick® hydration lock lip balm, as a primer and then put theBalm® ‘Stainiac in Beauty Queen’ over it. I am in love with this stain. It is light enough to not be a super thick lip gloss. It goes on smooth and doesn’t feel sticky. It dries to feel natural, and the color is amazing. It goes on a bit clear, but it is tinted enough to add this beautiful natural looking lip color. I highly recommend this and I am so happy with this product. I will be purchasing this from their website.

Picture 8

 Finally, the ‘Birchbox Find Alert!’ contained a full size ChapStick® hydration lock lip balm. This is a new product that holds moister in for 8 full hours and helps give lips a smoother and fuller look. I tried this when my lips felt very dry, and the balm really did help and last. The smell was Vanilla Crème, it was divine. The balm didn’t have a super-rich smell but just a dulled down vanilla smell. When I put it on my lips it went on very smoothly and made my lips feel like silk. I have had it on for an hour now, and I still feel the softness and silkiness on my lips.

It even came with a coupon to buy another one, fabulous deal!

Picture 10Overall, I may not love every sample or product I receive, but I love the fact that I can share the products with my friends and family. If there is a product I won’t use again or do not like, I pass it on. Sometimes friends and family like the products and end up buying it themselves. Not that I am sharing my box, but if I am not going to us it, I don’t want to throw it out. Another good thing about these is the boxes and stuff they use to send it. The brown box is very sturdy; I reuse mine for storing things or even as gift boxes. If you feel you want to cover the ‘Birchbox’ label, you can cover it with a fancy sticker or bow! They are too nice to throw out, but if you do remember to recycle! Reusing items is my favorite thing to do. I feel like I am helping the environment by reusing instead of throwing it out! This month I received a zip lock bag with my Birchbox Find, I am going to reuse that when I travel to store liquids.  I look forward to these small boxes every month and cannot wait for next months! Until November, enjoy those Birchbox’s and think about giving a subscription as a gift for a friend’s birthday or for the holiday’s that are going to approach fast!


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