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Last month, I ran my first race and first 10K, the Women’s Health & Life #Run10Feed10, check out my #SCBDEvent pre-post, here.


When I first signed up for the race, I didn’t really know all the training that would be ahead of me and prepping mentally. I was doing great, until my grandma passed away in late August. Then about a week or so after I finally got back up to speed and training again. One night I was just prepping for the race and thinking of what goals I needed to meet since it was a few weeks and I realized it was exactly a month after she passed away (she passed 08/22 and the race was 09/22). So I decided to not only keep doing it but to also dedicate my run to her.

I was more motivated than ever to run this and trained when I wasn’t working whether it be walking or running in my neighborhood, at the gym, or at the local school track with my dad (he used to run). I think that’s one of my favorite things about running, it takes time and dedication and you can meet goals. I was so happy when I made my first mile, even though I had 5 more to go.


I couldn’t do it alone without the support of my family, boyfriend, fellow writers and my readers. I also have to thank the people at Paragon Sports on Broadway in Union Square. They sponsored my  amazing, “Pretty In Pink” running gear for the race. My race day outfit consisted of  Adidas running sneakers and running pants, a Brooks running tee, and a new Nike sports bra. I loved touring Paragon Sports and would highly recommend getting any of your sporting gear there since they have EVERYTHING! The staff took great care  of me and I still use my outfit to work out in to this day. I chose the theme “Pretty In Pink” for the race because it was my grandma’s favorite color before she passed and even got a pink manicure the day before the race.

Paragon Sports  is a huge supporter of the ING NYC Marathon. They have partnered with over 25 vendors to support the NYC Marathon expo by providing the best quality products and necessities for runners all around the world. From compression to footwear, they are proud to offer the largest selection of running apparel and products in New York City. At the expo, they will also provide free bus shuttles to and from Paragon Sports to the Jacob Javitz Center for runners to have free lunch and an unique experience in our store and NYC. They will have athlete appearances in-store including Desi Davila and Amy Hastings on Friday at 2pm, courtesy of Brooks and on Saturday, they will have Deena Kastnor and Peter Jacobs, courtesy of Asics.
 Throughout the week, they will offer the best customer service and support for our runners. On Sunday, Paragon Sports  will be at a critical point, Mile 22, in Harlem to cheer on all the runners with a special highlight on our associates who will be running in the Marathon and about 30 members of our Paragon Run Club. They are ecstatic about the NYC Marathon and we wish everyone a big “GOOD LUCK” and a big applause for all those who are taking on this lifetime experience.


I also was able to try Coppertone’s new sport sunscreen line the day of the race since it wasn’t too cold out yet and I wanted to be protected from the sun. Here are some pros about the new line:

  • Coppertone Sport Travel Size Lotions SPF 30 and 50 are portable 3 oz. lotions. Great to stick in your pocket or throw into your workout bag.
  • Coppertone Sport Lip Balm SPF 30 can easily fit in a pocket for on-the-go sun protection that also helps smooth and soften lips. Perfect for refreshing during or after a workout.
  • Try out the new Sport Pro formula. This sunscreen was clinically proven to stay on strong, yet move with the skin in hot, humid weather as well as intense exercise.

The day of the race came and went before I knew it. I had to wake up at 3:00 am to catch the Path by 5:00 am with Jason since we had to get Pier 84 before 7:00 am. I hadn’t woken up that early since my grandma passed away but it was great to know that I was running for a great cause, I raised a total of $125 that would go to the Feed Projects charity. It was also great to run for someone I love that passed away, I knew grandma would be proud.


I’ll admit I had to walk and run throughout the race but I finished in 1:41:45 which is great for my first race and 10K. I was starving and couldn’t wait to eat after since I didn’t eat all morning but I was so proud of myself. Jason was there to give me a hug once I finished and it was great hearing all of the positive affirmations from the volunteers while racing and when we got water.  I was extremely happy that the VIP area had my favorite Red Jacket juice on hand so that I could refresh post race. Everything they had for us to eat and drink was delicious and the sponsors were so nice! I even got a blow out post race done by hairstylists using Panasonic’s new hair products!


It was a great motivator to get back in shape and into the gym and extremely exhausting. I know I’d love to do a 5K soon and maybe even do the #Run10Feed10 next year but I think I’d have to start training now.

Thank you again fans for all your support– #missioncomplete!


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