#SCBDIntern Helps Prep for St. Anthony’s International Festival



On September 24th, I had the opportunity to attend St. Anthony’s Church in Bergenfield; in preparation for their Annual International Festival, which takes place on November 7-9th from 10am to 10pm. I was greeted with a warm welcome by many members of the parishes. Members of all ages were working together to prepare one of the famous traditional dishes, Spankatopia, which is served at the festival every year. This dish is prepared a few weeks in advanced and frozen in order to prepare for the large amount of crowds expected at the festival. I was given a tour of the stations that were set up for the prep. The kitchen was set up, which is where the filling for the Spanikopeta was being made. In another room, an assembly line of volunteers were preparing the layers of phyllo dough to be stuffed with the spinach and cheese filling.


I had the opportunity to make my own Spankatopia, it was great to be a part of the assembly line. All of the church members were very friendly, offering helpful tips. This recipe has been used and passed down from generation to generation. I was extremely fortunate to be able to have a copy of this famous recipe. I really enjoyed my experience making Spankatopia and am so excited to be attending St. Anthony’s Annual International Festival. Hope to see you there!


For more information please visit the Event website: www.stanthonysorthodox.org

And check them out on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/StAnthonyFestival

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