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I’m still that 21-year-old who gets excited every time an establishment asks her to show her ID. I was carded at Cognac – although the waiter was a bit shy to ask me since he joked with me and told me that he thinks that it’s an unnecessarily strict policy – I smiled and told him that I didn’t mind. After all, how could I be in a grouchy mood at Brasserie Cognac?

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One of the art pieces that stood out to me at Brasserie Cognac was a painting of a woman and man with the words “toujours la fête,” which translates from French meaning “always the party.” Brasserie Cognac, located in midtown off of Broadway and a few blocks away from Colombus Circle, is not an establishment that I would consider a place for partying. Instead, I think of it as a place for family gatherings or a girls’ night out. Just do not bring your young children here, as they will not understand the need for Haricots Verts and Shallots.

I chose the prix fixe menu; you can’t go wrong with a price that gives you at least two or three courses. For an appetizer, I had a basket of gougeres which were tiny, warm cheese puffs that I was able to share with two other individuals at the table. For my entrée, I had the Chicken Paillard which was absolutely delicious. I wasn’t even that hungry when I went around Happy Hour time, yet I completely devoured my entire meal.

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I would not go out of my way just to go to Brasserie Cognac because it was not a French restaurant that had that “WOW! Factor.” It was, without a doubt, a restaurant that was delicious, friendly, and convenient. However, if I’m on the opposite side of Manhattan, I would not take a taxi just to eat Chicken Paillard that I can get from any other French restaurant in the city. Otherwise, if you enjoy French food and are in the midtown area, I do recommend going to Brasserie Cognac since it’s only a few blocks away from the Shops at Colombus Circle and Central Park. Cheers!

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