#SCBDReview: Forget Stress: Three Simple Poses to Help You Escape Stress

scbdreview -6I just worked out and had a short shift at work, two and a half hours. I felt very tight and tense; it’s been a stressful week. So, I decided to try the Yogi Cameron’s “Yoga for the Office.” The exercises can be found online; it is a great informational series. Stress gets the best of everyone, especially at the workplace. I do not have the time or money to get spa treatments or massages, I hardly have time or the schedule to regularly attend yoga class; so, when I was given Yogi’s three stress relieving postures, I was beyond excited to add this to my life. Even if I don’t do it every day, on those really rough mornings or long days at work, I can incorporate these simple moves into my routine.

The first move is called ‘Uttanasana,’ which means forward bend. This is a sitting, bend at the hips position.

-3It reminds me of the ‘what to do in an emergency’ pose when flying on a commercial airplane. When I did this I sat completely straight, relaxed my arms to my side and completely relaxed my head. I kept my whole body straight and bent slowly. I took a few deep breaths as well. I could feel myself wanting to give in when in this pose. So, I relaxed my shoulders and took another few deep breaths and then finally sat back up. Cameron states this simple move is “great to relieve the stress in the lower back and to give the body an overall stress relief.” Cameron also recommends that if you are unable to bend all the way down, you may readjust the move by resting your hands on your thighs, sitting straight and then bending down the best you can. Remember to relax your shoulders and head during this as well.

I also tried this the modified way, since I am more flexible, I did not feel it as much as the other way. But, it still helped me relax and worked just as well. During this move, either way you do it, it allows you to focus in on your body. Closing your eyes may help as well and focus on your breath.

The second move is a ‘side twist’. The side twist started with my arms in a ‘T’ and sitting straight looking forward, making sure to relax my shoulders and keep them down and back.

-5Then, I inhaled and then twisted my body to the side. During this process, I exhaled all of the air out of my lungs while twisting tight and far. I kept my eyes closed during this exercise, so I could focus on letting my breath release all the air from my lungs. One thing you need to be mindful of is not overdoing any of these moves; only go as far as you feel comfortable. No matter what degree it is, the importance of all of these moves is to do them safely and to the best of your ability. You need to be relaxed and not get injured.

I held each twist on either side for a few seconds and did about 4 twists on each side. In between I would reset my shoulders and arms. According to Yogi this move ‘gives the internal organs a nice squeeze, then a stretch, and release.’ This made me feel like I was releasing the stress from the inside out.

Finally, the last move is called a ‘standing camel’. I love the name of this one! This move is to counteract the ‘uttanasana’ move. It is a mini back bend in a sense. Depending on how comfortable you are with this you can tilt your head back as well. First, I stood up tall and put my hands on my hips.

-4I braced my lower back a bit with my fingertips. Then, I slightly tilted my hips forward and only by slight moves tilted my head back. I did not want to lose my balance the first time I was doing this, so I kept my eyes open. If you are comfortable enough you can close your eyes, feel free to do so. If you still feel unstable, a hint for this one is to widen your legs. The wider apart your feet are the more stable you will be. The key is to stay as still and as balanced as you can.

All three of these moves were very helpful. Repeat if necessary, but doing so in a slow and focused manner will be ideal. Another final tip that Yogi states is to always try to sit up tall during work or sitting long and to switch back and forth from left to right crossing your legs. During all these moves I made sure to clear my head the best I could and focus on my breath and body. I felt each vertebrae bend into the moves and focused on relaxing the parts of me that were most tense. Some of these moves may still turn heads at your job, office, or desk, but it is worth it; in the end you can feel the difference. You will feel more relaxed, enjoy life and be happier. Just remember, if someone asks what you are doing, share the benefits you gain after learning more about your own body and learning how to relax with simple yoga moves.


To see Cameron perform the postures with an explanation for each, visit this URL: http://www.veria.com/tv/show/a-model-guru.

“Season two of A Model Guru premieres Sunday, September 15 at 9 pm ET/ 10:00 pm PT on Veria Living TV network.  Each episode of this moving reality series features a new client that’s challenged by a life-altering health issue.”

*Disclaimer: The PR team sent me this product. I was not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are my own and unbiased.*

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