#SCBDReview: Epcot Food and Wine Festival in @WaltDisneyWorld


IMG_1728Are you a foodie or a wino? Do you enjoy trying different foods from around the world? Then the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is the place for you! This festival in Disney gives you the chance to “taste your way around the world” without all that traveling! Epcot showcases various countries from around the world with their food and drink. Going around the world in such a way is no easy task but it is definitely a fun one!

IMG_1720The event takes place each fall around the end of September to November. Epcot sets up each country (which most already exists year round) but adds a booth showcasing popular dishes and drinks of that country. For example, you can get some great brat and a beer in Germany or tacos and margaritas in Mexico. Chefs are at each booth making the food fresh ensuring that it will be delicious! While the food and drink at the stands are not free, they are more than worth the experience. Each plate of food is small enough that you get a great taste and can even share without getting too full and most range between $4-8 per item. Rather than spending money on a big meal, you can enjoy all of these creations tapas style going from one country to the next.

Something that some people may not realize is that Disney World is open all year, not just the summer. In this “off peak” times the prices for staying in Disney decrease from what it usually is. While it is still cheaper to stay just outside of Disney, it was convenient to be able to walk right into Epcot! I recommend spending at least two days in Epcot to explore everything, there is a lot to see and eat there. I was in Disney with my family and we spent three days in Epcot during the trip and still didn’t get to everything. The drinks and food were paired well, and Disney chefs and sommeliers offered their own recommendations for good pairings when it came to both. Here were my travels on Day 1 in Epcot:

IMG_1725 IMG_1726We arrived early (and hungry) to Disney getting there right around lunchtime. The first and closest destination to the entrance was England. Here we dined at a restaurant called Rose and Crown with some beers. Being that we were in England, I enjoyed a Strongbow cider while others in my family enjoyed Stella or Bass. A traditional English lunch was brought to us in the form of incredible fish and chips and even a breakfast burger. There are not as many restaurants throughout the park but when necessary they do not disappoint.

IMG_1714IMG_1716IMG_1727From lunch we moved on to France where I enjoyed an Eiffel Sour Cosmo Slush. On a hot Florida day, this is quite satisfying. This drink is made with vodka, Grey Goose Cherry Noir, Grand Marnier, and Cranberry Juice. There is a lot of cherry flavor with Grey Goose but the taste of alcohol is not overpowering. Overall this was a refreshing and tasty drink to follow up my wonderful lunch. I also appreciated the vivaciousness of those who worked at this booth. One of the workers was happy to take a photo with my drink for me!

1383826_680009788164_1306727580_nAfter France we moved on to the Americas, quite the jump for sure! There we found typical American drinks: Sam Adams beer as well as some Chardonnay. After getting a beer flight (woo!) we tried the different flavors including a cherry wheat which was a little sweet but I always prefer some sweetness! The four beer flavors were: Boston Lager, Octoberfest, Cherry Wheat, and Rogue Chocolate Stout. All of these beers were Sam Adams and the Stout really did smell like chocolate! We then moved on to Morocco where we tried some Sangria and a Mimosa Royale. The sangria was a perfect blend of fruit flavor and wine and went down smoothly. The serving sizes for the drinks were always perfect, just enough to test it out and maybe even let someone else have a taste! This first day we focused more on the drinking side because we had such a big lunch. We still had to get settled into the hotel and make it to some dinner plans, this was all we had time for in Epcot on Day 1. Look out for Days 2 and 3 for some more exciting food and drink from various countries.



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