#SCBDReview: Rocco’s Tuscany Bar & Grill – Madison’s Best Kept Secret


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On Friday night, the Small Chick and I had a press dinner at Rocco’s Tuscany Bar and Grill in Madison, New Jersey. I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to get a hold of Rocco’s so easily and quickly considering we casually told him we were coming in a few hours before. Chef Gino was very excited to receive us. He was a breath of fresh air from many chefs in the industry who act unnecessarily superior to restaurant patrons who might not be foodies.

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The moment we entered Rocco’s, Chef Gino had a huge smile on his face at the host stand. He was the first to greet us at the last to bid us a farewell. The Small Chick and I both drank Vino Arancia, a cocktail mixed with St. Germain, Orangecello, and Riesling served over ice. The orange was extremely overwhelming, but it was strong and delicious nevertheless. Chef Gino also gave us roasted peppers that came fresh from the garden as an appetizer. The roasted peppers were, in fact, extremely fresh.

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The Small Chick had shells Florentine for her entrée while I had a deep dish pizza pie with cheese, mushrooms, and anchovies. Excuse me as I wipe my mouth with my nonexistent napkin. I’m drooling again at the thought of the food. After we attempted to conquer our massive entrees, we saved just enough room for coffee and dessert. The Small Chick had a cappuccino while I had a single espresso. We both had a cannolo stuffed with a sort of fruity cream. It was an interesting take on the traditional cannolo.

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My only concern with Rocco’s was the fact that the free bread was a bit stale. Otherwise, the restaurant was perfect. There are two parts of the restaurant. One side is the dining room with a bar where the Small Chick and I dined, and the other side is the more casual pizzeria. Rocco’s staff was wonderfully accommodating and left a lasting impression on us. We will be back soon per mangiare e bere. Grazie and cheers!

SCBD’s take on Rocco’s:
I loved our dinner at Rocco’s. I thought the dinner itself was great because the food was fresh and the portions were filling. I agree with Kelly that the staff was on point and welcoming, I’d definitely come back and try other cocktails they offer and other dishes they offer. I loved my shells, and am glad I tried them as they were a special that night. Thanks for inviting us in Chef Gino, we’ll definitely be back!

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ROCCO’S MAIN PAGE http://www.roccostuscanybarandgrill.com/

Ask for Chef Gino and tell him that Sara from SCBD sent you 😉 –

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