#SCBDRecipe: National Sangria Day-Holly Jolly Christmas Sangria


It’s national sangria day today and I thought it would be fitting to share a holiday themed recipe in the spirit of the season. Sangria is often thought of as a summer drink because of its light and fruity components. My sangria concoction will highlight some winter fruits and flavors that give a hearty twist to the cocktail. Cranberries, apples and pears will be featured in the drink along with my secret ingredient…rosemary! It sounds like it would be a weird combination but the rosemary just adds an extra flare of “Christmas” essence to the drink. (I always think of spices when I think of Christmas flavors).

My favorite part of this sangria is that the flavors work well with both red and white wine combinations. I made both variations and I would be hard pressed to choose which I liked better. I used Pinot Grigio for my white sangria and a sweet Syrah for my red. (Beaujolais, Merlot, and Gamay are some other fruitier red varietals that may work as well).

Now that I have set the scene for how merry and bright this sangria will be its time to pass on the recipe to all of you!

Holly Jolly Christmas Sangria


1 ½ cups –cranberries

1-granny smith apple (chopped into cubes)

1-pear (chopped into cubes)

1 bottle of red/white wine

1 ½ cups- white cranberry juice

1 cup –club soda

1 to 2 sprigs- fresh rosemary



Place the fruit (cranberries, pear and apple) at the bottom of your pitcher.


Pour the wine, white cranberry juice and club soda over the fruit.

wine and mixers


Add your sprig(s) of rosemary.


There you have it-a quick, simple and refreshing Christmas sangria!

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