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On Friday, December 11th I held an event along with Cheryl of The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe at her newly opened studio. In the studio, she teaches tons of classes from cupcakes to cookies. The event was $35 per person and included decorating six cookies, wine, and snacks from our sponsors Oatworks and SexyPop popcorn. If you missed out, here’s what some of the team members who came experienced!



This was the first cookie decorating event I went to and the first time I got to visit the Sweet Spot Bake Shop. The bake shop is located in Chester, NJ, a town I visit a lot, but a place I never got a chance to stop! The event was fabulous; I would do this again in a heartbeat. It was a group of about 14 women. It was a Ladies night out and we started off right with some Wine, fabulous snacks from Sexy Pop and the Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe, and a protein drink by Oat Works. The Sexy Pop Popcorn had three varieties: Black Pepper, Bangin’ Cheddar, and Simply Salt. All three were so delicious, I recommend trying them. And they are only about 70 calories per bag! The drink, Oat Works, came in two different flavors; Banana Strawberry and Mango Peach. These were so good as well, and I am going to add these to my normal diet. They have so much nutrients as well as great taste!

After we got our snacks and drinks, we sat down and found all of our blank cookies. There was a base coat of icing for us already because it takes 24 hours to dry! We each had six cookies; two trees, two snowmen, and two snowflakes. On the table there were also edible markers, glitter, sprinkles, fondant, and stars and mental and white balls to decorate with.  Cheryl Burger, the owner, was the head of the class. She gave us some tips, ideas, and was willing to help us if we needed it. Pairing this decorating class with Small Chick, Big Deals was such a big hit because we were able to have some snacks and drinks along with the fun of decorating with the girls. We used Buttercream out of a squeeze bag to decorate too, and this was awesome because we all go to eat some of it and I got to experience what professional cake decorators use to decorate! It is much easier than I expected it to. Stop by the Sweet Spot Shoppe in Chester next time your near, you won’t be disappointed.
– Kristen Heard



The was my first ever cookie decorating event, and given that I don’t exactly have the artistic fortitude to decorate cookies, I’m just glad that Cheryl from the Sweet Spot Shoppe in Chester was here to guide my shaky hand! She was a wonderful and patient teacher, the type of woman who acts as more of a friend than a judgmental overseer. The attendees were also able to munch on yummy and healthy SexyPop popcorn which came in three different flavors: Black Pepper, Bangin’ Cheddar, and Lightly Salted. In the future, I’d love to try their Brazilian Coconut. To parch our thirst from the cookie sugar high, we drank the fiber-rich Oatworks smoothies. My favorite characteristic about Oatworks is the fact that it doesn’t taste like oats! Oatsworks tastes like the fruits that are mixed in, such as strawberry, banana, and mango. See you at Sweet Spot for cookies and cupcakes!
– Kelly Gonzales


Ladies Night out was such a success! I was so nice to see such a good turn out from Sarah’s guests as well as Cheryl’s. There was a great set up which included SexyPop Popcorn, OatWorks, Cocktails and cookies. Cheryl was a very hands on instructor giving us helpful hints but also giving us room to create our own masterpiece. I left feeling so creative and couldn’t wait to eat all the cookies I had just made. Can’t wait until the next Ladies Night!
– Jessica Danto


 Don’t worry we have another class in the works in a few months so stay tuned! The event was a huge success, thanks to all who came out!

Happy Cookie Decorating 🙂


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