#SCBDReview: Ipsy Beauty Glam Bag Subscription: October Review

scbdreviewIpsy is a monthly subscription for a glam bag, which contains beauty products selected by YouTube sensation Michelle Phan, for you to try and a reusable tote bag! She created this monthly surprise pack to help women and girls with trying and using the best products chosen by herself and her team of stylists. These monthly samples aren’t small one-time try, they are deluxe samples and some are even full-sized products!

The neat thing about these bags is that you are able to take a ‘beauty quiz’ to get your ‘style’. The stylist use this as a guideline to send you certain products. Of course, some things you may or may not use or like, but it is a great way to sample and find new products. There are so many products out there, so many to help you, but it is hard to find them. This way you have them delivered to you, and you are opened to new styles, new companies, and new products!

Another perk, there is a point system that allows you to buy samples and products with these points. To gain points you can review products and get points, buy products from the site, or even by referring friends! Give it a try today: http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-hkuntv247h6q1o8h

Their website also offers tons of tutorials, videos, and stories from make up to hair styling tips. It is a great source to learn tips and ideas to use at home!

One concern some of you may have is the cancellation policy! Well, there is no need to fear, you can cancel at any time! If you pay select the monthly payment plan ($10 a month), you can cancel at any point before the month starts.  If you pay yearly, you can cancel at any time and after the year is up (you’re sent 12 months’ worth) it will not renew itself.

I was so excited when I signed up for and was approved, sometimes there is a few weeks wait period to set up an account. It is so worth the wait! My first package came in October, and it came in a bright pink bag.

I opened up the bag to see there was a reusable bag full of products and a few just in the big bag!


The products that came in my first Ipsy pack were LA Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser wipes, ‘be Delectable’ from Cakebeauty coconut and cream hand cream, a Buxon lip gloss in Dolly, a ‘Bigsexyhair’ blow dry volumizing gel, and a ‘Zoya’ nail polish in Giovanna. Plus the cute bag they came in that I can reuse.

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The first product I decided to try was the LA Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser wipes. This pack came with 10 wipes and state on the package that they are biodegradable and compostable wipes, which is great. There is a beautiful scent to them unlike some cleaners; it is a fruity sweet smell. They are not dripping wet and not dry, just the right amount of moister to take off my make up off. I used it the night I received the package to remove my powder and eye makeup. It removed both with no problem at all. It left my skin feeling clean and soft. It did not dry out my skin, as some wipes do.


The second product I used was the Buxon Lip Gloss in Dolly. This product plumped my lips and stayed on for a while. It was not too sticky, and I really like that in a lip gloss. Sometimes if it is sticky, it is uncomfortable and my long hair gets stuck in it. I didn’t have this problem at all! The color, Dolly, was perfect with my skin tone. It was subtle, but had enough color to shine through and make my lips look fuller and shiny.


I am in love with the ‘be Delectable’ from Cakebeauty coconut and cream hand cream. I had my mom use this one too, I now carry this in my purse all the time. As the weather gets colder, my hands get chapped (my mom has the same problem, but even worse). I tried this lotion as soon as I got it and I loved it, it was not greasy. It went on smooth, and smelled outstanding. It kept my hands and arms smooth and moisturized. When the cold weather came, my mom put it on her chapped hands. It went on smooth, did not sting at all, and lasted a while. There was no need for a constant application. Overall, a new favorite lotion that I highly recommend!


‘Bigsexyhair’ blow dry volumizing gel I used after my shower. My hair was still damp, so I put it in and used it as a pre blow drying gel. It went on smooth and smelled so good. It did help add volume to my hair. It didn’t give me super high volume like teasing your hair would, but it gave me enough to not have flat hair anymore. My hair is very straight and flat, so adding this really helped it have a fuller look as well as making my hair flow more. I was able to have my hair move and be so much better. I loved this product.


‘Zoya’ nail polish in Giovanna. This color was fabulous. It is not a color to wear all the time, but it is a nice one to mix it up or add it to a pale color. It is a darker green shade, and great for around the Holidays. I cannot wait to pair it with a red for Christmas time. It went on smoothly and lasted long. It took longer to chip than most other nail polishes. I did two coats of the polish with no under or over coat of a clear. I use my hands a lot, so I was happy to find it lasted long. A great polish.



To Sign up Today: http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-hkuntv247h6q1o8h








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