#SCBDFashion: Stay Comfy, Warm, and Fab this #Winter


When you are getting ready to accessorize this winter, there are a few fashion items that you shouldn’t leave home without. They’re comfy, they’re warm and they’re fabulous!

warm winter fashion accessories

1. Ear muffs or a warm furry Russian hatBoth of these can help keep your head and ears toasty and block the icy winds.

2. Sunglasses – A good pair of darker, and I like over-sized, sunglasses can help shield your face from the extra glare of the sun reflecting off the snow and ice. These shades can also assist and little in blocking your eyes and cheeks from harmful UV rays.

3. ScarvesA scarf is almost always a fashionable way to add a little flavor to your jacket/outfit and it will also help your hat (if you are wearing one) block the wind and cold.

4. Snow boots These are a must! Whether or not your wear them to and from work, running errands, the gym, out with girlfriends – whatever it may be – it is inevitable that you will have to trudge through some (or a lot of) snow and brush that white powder off your car at some point. Doing this in anything other than boots is cold and not fun, trust me.

5. Chapstick – The cold weather can really take a toll on your soft lips! I always have Chapstick on hand, in addition to lipstick and gloss, to be sure that my lips stay soft and moisturized all winter long. No one looks good with dry, cracked lips anyways, right?!

6. Warm Mittens – From running to a from buildings and houses to your car to playing outside in the snow, you need a pair of thick, warm mittens (or gloves). This is crucial and doesn’t have to ruin your fashionable look.

Sometimes I think winter accessories are my favorite. There are so many more items to play around with, mix and match and choose from. Plus, I really like a good cozy scarf! What are your favorite, and fashionable, winter accessories and must-have items?

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