#SCBDReview: Holy Cow? NO, Holy Dog!


image_2Holy Cow? NO, Holy Dog! Right on Main Street, up in Middletown, NY, Orange County is one of the most unique little hot dog spots ever. Tiny place, 4 stools, that’s it. This place has not only an entertaining menu, but entertaining chefs as well. We stopped in after some fall pumpkin picking. The menu is hotdogs and fries. The hot dogs come with all kinds of toppings and you can make your own as well. The hot dog itself is one that is rather unique. Not overly garlicky and a nice crunchy outside. And the fries, oh the fries! They are fresh cut, par boiled briefly and taste just like Boardwalk fries. All the way up in NY State! What a treat for those who live in the area, OR those like me, who come to visit.



44 West Main Street
Middletown, NY 10940

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