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tasting at tangine sangria

The Small Chick and I found a pleasant midtown surprise on 38th Street and 7th Avenue. Tagine had a large red sign that was easy to spot from across the street, so we stepped down into the bar, lounge, and Moroccan restaurant all-in-one. The staff was extremely warm, and I was extremely entertained by the cheeky international memorabilia they had at the bar in the shape of mini rockets—although that’s a bit R-rated so I won’t mention it in this family friendly article!

mahia at tangine

First off, the drinks were so delicious. I had three different drinks that were house cocktails made by the bartender and I loved them all. There was red sangria, white sangria, and finally a Mahia cocktail from Nahmais et Fils. This is a distilled spirit with Moroccan origins made from figs or dates and herbs. The cocktail was also mixed with rose water and was remarkably sweet. Tagine recommended the Mahia as well as the Legs Diamond white whiskey from Nahmais et Fils. I had never had a drink quite like this, so I was incredibly entertained and pleased with this detour from the usual.

whiskey at tangine

food at tangine 4

The food tasting was fantastic as well. I wanted to keep eating everything in sight, but I made do with a little bit from each of the plates that were brought out.  One of my favorite dishes was the Maaquda which are seasoned potato croquettes rolled in semolina flour, deep fried in vegetable oil and served with charmoula aioli. There was red Indian chili mixed with olive oil and preserved lemon. Tagine had a distinct seven spice Moroccan mixture with cumin, olive oil, and garlic. Another favorite were the lamb sausages because you can never go wrong with lamb—here’s looking at your competition, halal meat carts! For dessert, of course we had classic baklava which was also homemade with love.

food at tangine 5

Tagine is a midtown Moroccan restaurant and lounge that I will certainly be coming back to very soon. Even if the Small Chick or other friends cannot join me, I would gladly sit in the spacious lounge in the back of the restaurant, drink Nahmais et Fils white whiskey, and smoke hookah which is provided at $25 for four persons. Tagine offers different flavors including apple, rose, double apple, Jasmin, apricot, peach, grape, mint, strawberry, mixed fruits, and mango. It’s only $5 extra for each additional person, flavor, or coal. In the past, Tagine has run specials on LivingSocial for events and deals such as belly dance lessons with an appetizer and drink or a hookah and sangria combo. Meet me at Tagine sometime for their white sangria and double apple hookah. Cheers!

cheers from tagine


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