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I heard about Little Shanty in Warren, NJ one night when Jason and I ventured into Warren to get some froyo at 16 Handles. It looked like the perfect fast-casual date-spot, you know some burgers and shakes. They are definitely a healthier and less stressful version of a Smashburger since they have so many vegetarian and gluten-free options.

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Lets just say, I was extremely honored and excited that Jason, his mother and I were invited to a press lunch at Little Shanty. We all left extremely impressed, full, and eager to go back again. Unlike many fast-casual eateries in the area, Little Shanty focuses on making everything homemade, organic, and fresh and trust me you can taste it.

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We  tried a variety of burgers, I loved the mushroom-cheddar burger. I also couldn’t pick which fries I liked best since we tried both the traditional, “Grandma” fries and sweet potato fries. I was extremely surprised by the freshness and variety of the salads they had. They were far from boring, a table favorite was the All Year Round Summer Salad which had apples, onions, and strawberries with a raspberry vinaigrette. I also loved the wings they had on the menu, they use a great brand of chicken, Bell and Evans– delish!

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It was great finding out the mission from ‘s owner, Jonathan Lidz, “Little Shanty is a family-friendly, healthy, affordable, fast-casual concept. I only want to serve my customers the best and freshest ingredients.”  He also shared his story of how he came up with the name for this hot spot, “Every year for the last 20 years or so I go rafting with a bunch of friends in the Adirondacks and we stay at a lodge called the Big Shanty.  I normally cook about 10 pounds of fries over the course of the weekend.  In a drunken stupor we started talking about opening a restaurant revolving around the fries.  In honor of that conversation I called the restaurant Little Shanty.”


 Little Shanty is known for their amazing Wicked Good shakes, which do taste as good as they sound. They also have great homemade lemonade. Jonathan shared their famous recipe with us exclusively for you all.

Little Shanty Lemonade

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 2 cups fresh lemon juice
  • 1 gallon cold water
  • 1 lemon, sliced


  1. In a 1 gallon container, place sugar and hot water, and stir until sugar dissolves
  2. Add lemon juice and cold water to render 1 gallon
  3. Stir until mixed well.

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