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Hey readers!

In case you didn’t know, January is National Hot Tea Month! I’m also happy to announce that some of the #SCBDTeam & I teamed up with Good Earth Tea to bring you reviews of some of their teas. The team members who decided to participate and I each got a sent a pack of tea to try and review. These teas ranged from chai

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tea to green tea.


One of my favorite things about Good Earth Tea is that they always have really great motivating quotes on all their tea packets.


I was sent this delicious Citrus Kiss tea, its a green tea with an acquired taste. It’s pretty sweet but has tons of flavor since it has lemongrass in it. It tastes good hot but I definitely recommend it iced. I am always thinking of new cocktails to mix with different products or even putting my favorite spirits together with different mixers.

So without further adieu, here’s a new recipe I came up with myself…

Acai Iced Citrus Kiss Tea

Acai Iced Citrus Kiss Tea

Acai Iced Citrus Kiss Tea


Iced Tea in the making

Iced Tea in the making


(Step 1) Iced Tea: Pour approximately 16 oz of water in a container (I used a mason jar), add the tea bag and move it around for a few seconds so it hits all the water. Once your happy and see it start to steep, let it sit for an hour and chill in the fridge. Voila, you have iced green tea!

(Step 2) Make it into a cocktail: In a separate glass put in a few iced cubes, pour in some of your tea and mix, then enjoy!

Acai Iced Citrus Kiss Tea

Acai Iced Citrus Kiss Tea

It tastes delicious, I’d also like to see how it tastes with fresh lemonade mixed in it because it would balance how sweet it is with the tartness of it and complement the lemongrass!

Hope you enjoy our reviews and find your new favorite tea!





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