#SCBDGETReview: It’s Tea Time With an Added Burst of Flavor! – Pomegranate Burst Green Tea


Avid tea drinkers everywhere, rejoice!

Tea is perhaps the greatest thing that planet has to offer, well in my opinion at least.  Good Earth has a wide array of teas that fit every preference. From green teas to chai and just about every other tea flavor you can think of.

Good Earth sent along a box of their Pomegranate Burst Green Tea jullianstraight to my door.  The tea’s name is not misleading; the pomegranate flavor-bursts for lack of a better word. The ingredients include: sweet blackberry leaf, citric acid, cherry flavor, strawberries hibiscus, green tea, elderberries, licorice root, natural pomegranate flavor with other natural flavors, raspberries, pomegranate flakes (pomegranate, corn starch, maltodextrin, lecithin), and steviol glycosides (stevia).

This particular flavor is all based on preference.  If you like a subtle tea, then this burst of flavor is not for you. I personally like teas of the black and green variety.  So I was not too enthused about the pomegranate flavor.

The tea scent and taste is far from subtle. I tried to dilute the strong flavor a little by adding ice but it did not help. I also tried adding an immense amount of sugar but that didn’t help much either. I came to the conclusion that I just don’t like pomegranate.  Again, the flavor of this tea is all based on preference.

More information on the Good Earth Pomegranate Burst Green Tea can be found here.

*Disclaimer: The PR team sent me this product. I was not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are my own and unbiased.*

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