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Good Earth's Organic Starry Chai

Good Earth’s Organic Starry Chai

I had the perfect setting for testing Starry Chai Tea- I was in my comfiest winter pajamas, a house with no working heat, and was sitting in front of a roaring fireplace. Good Earth’s Starry Chai is delicious, but I don’t think if I’d realize it was a chai if I didn’t read the box. It’s not spicy like most chais I’ve had, and even though it claims to be a black tea, it really reminded me of an herbal blend. When I looked at the product description, I knew why:

Starry Chai Packaging

Starry Chai Packaging

“One sip of Starry Chai ™ and you’ll look heavenward as the sweet, luscious flavor makes your taste buds twinkle. Exotic chai spices are masterfully blended with a surprise touch of cherry flavor to create a lusciously organic tea experience.”

It didn’t really taste specifically like cherry to me, but it definitely had a fruity flavor, which I found enjoyable.

The only thing that’s a little off putting is that it has a kind of powdery taste, and I feel like I’m eating cinnamon. This was fine when I was drinking Starry Chai while eating a gingerbread cookie, but without food, it’s a little unsettling.

Guess there definitely was caffeine in this tea.

Guess there definitely was caffeine in this tea. This is Ginger-Brad.

I always like a second opinion on things when I’m unsure about them, so I’ll give you this: “I don’t really like the taste of this tea- but it has an amazing smell. I want to put it in a humidifier and place it in every room of my home.”- My Husband.

Overall, Good Earth’s Starry Chai is good, but not great, and it’s an okay deal. However, if I want a spicy, fruity, black tea, I might stick with my old standby, Bigelow’s Constant Comment. I’m going to make a cup of right now, and enjoy even without the ambiance of a roaring fireplace and just be thankful to have working heat again.
-Samantha Varneke
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*Disclaimer: The PR team sent me this product. I was not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are my own and unbiased.*


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