#SCBDReview: Steck’s Delicatessen



Good Delis are found few and far between now a days, so when you find one that really stands out you know it’s a keeper. Steck’s Delicatessen located in Bridgewater, NJ and now in Pluckemin is one of the best delis in the area. Steck’s is an actual deli, it’s not a phony deli combined with a convenience store or a gas station, or whatever some people try to pawn off as a deli. Steck’s is the real deal with, authentic Boars Head meats, fresh bread every day, and a variety of homemade side salads. Starting around $6 each sandwich is made with love, the meat is sliced to order by the friendly staff, and your sandwich is accompanied with two fresh pickles. The sandwiches at Steck’s are the perfect size, they fill you up and then there’s always a little bit left to take home! The Deli has any kind of cold cut you can imagine, ranging from honey turkey to three different kinds of salamis. They also have chicken salads, tuna salads, shrimp salads, and seafood salads. You can create your own sandwich, or each day they have new specials for you to try! If you are more of a classic deli sandwich person, do not worry Steck’s makes one of the best Rubens around, they also have turkey clubs, and BLTs.


So if you are in the mood for a good real deli sandwich Steck’s is the place for you!

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