#SCBDFavorite: Recipe for Disaster


I love to create new and innovative yummy treats, but my favorite part is sharing the joy with my friends and family. Every now and again someone asks me, “what’s the secret recipe”. I hand it over, of course, because I also enjoy looking up delicious recipes to add to my repertoire. Sometimes, even after following the instructions to a tee, my dish is not AS GOOD as the original. If this has happened to you, do not allow it to discourage you. Years of experience has taught me a few reasons why a dish may not turn out just like the original when following a recipe.

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1. Type of Cookware – The age and brand of cookware may seem like little details, but they greatly affect the outcome of a dish. An older oven may require more time or fancier cookware may yield crispier crust. Whatever the circumstance these are important factors in why your dish may differ from what the recipe promised.

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2. Brand of Ingredients – When dealing with fresh fruits and vegetables so much of the taste is determined by how ripe it is. An ingredients list that is not very detailed may fail to mention this. Also store brought ingredients vary drastically by brand, so it is important to buy the appropriate brand if it is listed.

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3. Recipes are Estimates – My mother always said “a true cook never measures”. Often when preparing a dish you go with what feels right, and when writing a recipe you estimate about how much of one ingredient you used. So a recipe may not be the exact measurement of what the original cook used.

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4. Cooking is an art – I have come to learn

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that recipes are just a guide on what to do, you do not have to do everything just as they say. Do not fear creativity when replicating a dish. So whether it is an extra dash of sugar or skipping the salt, use your better judgement and creative freedom to make a dish your own.

I wish you all, Happy Cooking and Happy Eating.


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