#SCBDRecipe: Party Approved Taco Dip

Tacos, taco salad, taco dip.. I can’t really get enough taco anything, ever. And, it this is the perfect delicious, quick and easy recipe!
While eating the dip though I did realize cilantro would have been the perfect addition. Next time!

Ingredients: {all to your own taste}
Meat – I used ground beef
Refried black beans
Sour cream
Mexican cheese
Red Onion
Green Onion
Tortilla chips

1. Cook meat thoroughly and warm up refried beans.
2. While meat and beans are cooking you can chop up your veggies.
3. Spread sour cream (I do this pretty lightly) on the plate you will be serving from.
4. Spread meat on top of sour cream.
5. Spread refried beans on top of meat. (This was a little tricky so you might find a better layer for the beans to go.)
6. Sprinkle lettuce and then cheese to create your next two layers.
7. Sprinkle tomato, red and green onions and jalapenos over the lettuce and cheese.
8. Dig in and enjoy!

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