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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet and dine with Rod Silva (in the picture above), the founder of Muscle Maker Grill. I dined with him along with his head staff at the original location in Colonia, NJ.

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I had heard a lot about Muscle Maker and had only gone once before but didn’t have the best experience. This time, I had a great experience and learned a lot about how it began and what it is really about. Muscle Maker Grill was started in 1995 when Rod and his wife were looking to make healthy food, good tasting. He started creating his own recipes, that were lean and protein based. They bought the space and the rest is history.

Chicken and Arizona sauce

Chicken and Arizona sauce

Muscle Maker Grills motto is, “great food with your health in mind.” It definitely is, with a a variety of every kind of food for any kind of palette its perfect for someone looking for a healthy alternative for dinner on-the-go or even a post gym dinner or snack.

Healthy cheescake

Healthy cheescake

It was so motivating to meet Rod and he even encouraged me to keep up my work, because it will work out in the end. It was great to meet the man behind the succesful franchise, Muscle Maker Grill. I can’t wait to stop in again soon, I’m craving a mango smoothie and Caesar wrap!


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