#SCBDExclusive Interview with Kenny Santucci: Health & Fitness


Kenny and I.

Sipping his skim mocha and chatting at Joe’s Coffee Shop in New York, MTV’s The Challenge, Kenny Santucci, 30, spoke softly about his journey being overweight as a teen. You would never guess this guy could possibly be self-conscious, even at 6’1 and around 190 pounds!

“I still see myself the way I used to be sometimes,” Santucci noted. “So, I always have to stay in great shape and look my best or I feel like shit.”

Around ages 13-14, Santucci began really looking in the mirror and evaluating his appearance and decided he was unhappy with himself. He began wanting to eat and look better.

“I really got into health and fitness at 16 and found CrossFit at 28,” said Kenny.

Santucci is a Head Coach at CrossFit GSP in Rochelle park, New Jersey where he assists people with feeling more confident and good about their appearance and themselves.

According to Kenny, the first thing you see when you walk into his gym is “Change happens here.” Those words stuck with me as I took the time to focus on his words and the way he talked about CrossFit. With passion in his eyes, he went onto say how much he’s seen people progress from unconfident individuals into feeling comfortable in their own skin and it made me believe how much of an impact CrossFit has been on this man’s life.

“It’s a fun environment where you cheer louder for the last place guy,” said Kenny.

People may see CrossFit as a tough and intense workout, but what  they miss is the family and social togetherness side of it, which Kenny explained to me.

As for the health & fitness side, Santucci mentioned these tips he lives by, “Try and stay away from bread and pastas and never ever eat fast food and soda because they are so bad for you.”

At the end of our hour-long heart-to-heart, he shared with me how much he’s fallen in love with CrossFit, the surroundings and helping people. As for feeling motivated, Kenny has those “lazy days” too where he needs to push himself to work out. But, do you know what he does?

“I tell myself how good I’ll feel after.”

So, try to stay positive and healthy this year, folks!




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