#SCBDReview: Get slim and trim with 10 Minute Pilates




Walk into any Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc. and you’ll find an aisle full of workout DVDs. As you stand, staring at the selections, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Which ones actually work? Which ones are actually fun? That was me a month ago. I wanted a workout DVD that was challenging, but fun, and would fit into my busy daily schedule.  After reading the backs of tons of DVDs I took a chance and picked one, “10 Minute Solution: Tighten & Tone Pilates.”

I was skeptical that I could get tight and toned in 10 minutes, but I was willing to give it a shot. The first thing I loved about this DVD was the custom workout option. It comes with five, 10 minute sessions; arms, abs, legs, full body, and a stretch. You can choose which of the segments you want to play to create your own workout, which worked perfect for my crazy schedule.

The DVD comes with a resistance band included, which really amps up the workout. After doing this for a week (I did 20-30 minutes every other day) I could really feel it in my legs, abs, and especially my arms. The workouts are challenging, but the resistance band allows you to adjust the difficulty level, so it works for everyone. While it doesn’t say this on the box, you’ll want to pick up a yoga mat with this DVD. The majority of the exercises require you to kneel, sit, lay, etc. You’ll be far more comfortable with the yoga mat underneath you.

I did have a bit of experience with Pilates before getting this DVD, but it’s easy to follow along if you’ve never tried Pilates before. The instructor, Lara Hudson, goes through all the moves slowly and thoroughly. I never felt lost or confused about what I was supposed to be doing.

My favorite part of “10 Minute Solution”? Each section is only 10 minutes. The short length enables me to squeeze in a workout, even on my busiest days. If I have more time, I combine my favorite sections, making a longer, more challenging workout. No matter if you’re working out for 10 minutes, or the full 50 minutes, the time flies by. Just when you think your arms will give out, or your abs can’t take any more, that section is over, and you move on to a different focus.

I’ve had the DVD for about a month now, and I still use it every other day—I do a cardio DVD on the days I don’t do Pilates. I’ve definitely seen improvement in my strength and flexibility. My body is sleeker, and more toned, not bulky or overly muscular. I’ve been recommending this DVD to all my friends, I even got my mom and my boyfriend doing it—trust me, this video is not just for the ladies!

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