#SCBDRecipe: Brie Pastry Appetizer; a delicious and easy app


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I attended a family holiday party and the host prepared these delicious treats. It is a combination of a Mini fillo Shells, Brie, Jam, and almonds. It is very simple, but so tasty. These can be made for any get together and any time of the year. The Superbowl is a great way to introduce these, try them out for a classy and tasty food, that is delicious and a finger food!

I just bought prepackaged Mini Fillo Shell pastry, but these could be homemade too. I then added a tiny amount of Smuckers Red Raspberry Jam to the pastry. Then I added a spoonful of Brie and topped it off with a few sliced almonds. I then heated it in my toaster oven for about one minute to let the brie melt on top so it wasn’t just a chunk. That is it! These are so easy and fast to make, and they taste like it took forever to make. Try this next time you go to a party or host one yourself. They are full of different flavors. The good thing about this is you can personalize it by using different types of brie, different flavors of jam, and even different nuts! Enjoy! 

pic 3pic 4

This is what I used.


  • Mini FIllo Shells
  • Brie
  • Jam
  • Almonds
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