#SCBDReview: @BirchBox Monthly Review: January


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A start to a great year starts off with a fabulous Birchbox! The first product is a Skinny Liquid Eyeliner by Eyeko.

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I received two, one in ‘original’ and one in black, they seam the same to me though. They went on really easily, and I could even blend them before they dried. So this way if I mess up, I can fix it before it dries. They go on so smooth and stay on long, they didn’t smudge once they dried and didn’t rub off. I recommend this if you are looking for a long lasting, easy application liquid eye liner. Another great thing is these are mini ones, so it makes it perfect to carry this with me when I use it, in case I want to touch up or add more!

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Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser was an awesome cleanser. It smelled so great and went on so easy. It cleaned the makeup off my face easily. It left my face feeling great; it didn’t dry out or oil my face. It came with a cloth to remove the soap from your face. The cloth was smooth and soft. It recommended to put on the soap dry and rub it in and then to use warm water on the cloth to remove it. Finally, it recommended splashing your face with cold water to finish up. It was so refreshing to do so. I would recommend trying this, and I have sensitive skin.

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Nelson j Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 Non-Foaming Shampoo is different from what you and I know as normal shampoos. This is like a lotion; it does not lather like normal shampoos. It smells divine and is honestly weird to put on. You spread it on your hair and then work it in like you would a shampoo, but since it does not lather, it feels like you are not spreading it throughout your hair. But in reality you are, after I was shocked how it did spread and afterwards how nice my hair was. It made my hair smooth and silky, and knot free. It really was a great shampoo. If you can get used to the non-lather lotion, it is a fabulous shampoo.

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The lotions in Birchbox are always the best, they fit in my purse and all smell so nice. This one is my favorite so far, and I didn’t think I could top the last one I had. This one is called Whish Three Wishes Body Butter. It smells so good. It has a hint of raspberry and pomegranate, but it doesn’t over power with a fake scent. It goes on smooth and does not go on greasy but instead evenly goes and works instantly.

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Three tea samples by Ahmad Tea came, there were three flavors English Tea No. 1, Apricot Sunrise black tea, and Mint Mystique Green Tea. I first had the English Tea No 1, this was a strong black tea. It had an amazing flavor. It brewed really fast and had a rich great tea flavor. The second one, Apricot Sunrise, was also a black tea. This is my new all-time favorite tea! The smell alone is so relaxing and fabulous; it smells like apricot but even better. The taste blew me away! It has such a smooth and amazing taste to it. I am going to buy this, it was so good and I cannot wait to get them to have another cup. Finally, the Mint Mystique was a lighter green tea. It did not have a strong taste, the mint taste was subtle but yet a great tea.

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Finally, this month’s birch box came with four cards filled with tips for the New Year. I will list what they say.

  1. Be Awesome: ‘Confidence is as confidence does’ Here are some shortcuts to feeling like the rock star you are*pic 10*
    • Strike a Power Pose: The Wonder Woman Pose This post starts with you standing with your feet hip width apart and placing your hands on your hips. Your shoulders are back and you stand up straight. By doing this it empowers you, makes you feel like you can conquer and defeat. It is a great idea to do this before a test, before an interview, or just on a day you are feeling down.
    • Buck Fate: make the first move, don’t just sit around waiting for the next step in life, kick-start towards your goal.
    • Focus on your personal superpowers: When you get caught in a rut and find yourself comparing yourself to other, just flip the switch to think about what good strengths your have and what you are good at. Think positive and what you do have and can do instead of what you can’t.
    • Sit up straight, Missy: Good posture is key to not only being healthy with your back and shoulders but in confidence. You feel better mentally and physically.
  1. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy.: “5 ways to get happier: Nataly Kogan, the founder of the new app Happier, clues us in”*pic 12*
    • Log It: Keep a list of what you are grateful for, it helps reduce stress. You can buy a journal or note pad, log it in your phone, computer, or tablet, or download the HAPPIER app! (https://www.happier.com/)
    • Set Goals: keep a list of goals that are reasonable and reachable, it helps your organize.
    • Try New Things: Try other things outside of the box, youll feel awesome when you try something new and master it and like it! Heck, you might even meet new friends or a new fling!
    • Spend money on others: Buy things for others, you get such a great feeling when giving someone a gift, even if it is only a Starbucks coffee.
    • Get up and go: Exercise! Even if you only walk briskly or do the elliptical for 20 minutes, it is something. You feel amazing after, I just started doing more fitness classes. I feel amazing after and I make new friends! It is a win, win!
  2. Go Get ‘Em TiGress: “New things are good things: We’ve put together a list of 20 things to try this month, starting with…”*pic 13*
    • Take a different route to work. Even if it is only stopping at a different coffee shop or taking a complete different way, it will energize you and remind you there is so much around you still to discover or rediscover. To follow along more of these, go to Birchbox.com/magazine
  3. Si! Oui! Yes!: “The Agreement Rule: Borrow from the comedy world to make this year your most positive yet.” 
    • Sandra, the BirchBox Marketing Team says in improve they teach you to agree with whoever starts the scene. Saying ‘Yes and’ helps the scene moving forward. Even if you don’t agree, just add to the same topic in a positive way than dismissing it’

These cards were great, they really helped me motivate myself and my plans for this new year. I loved everything and even went online to read more as well as downloaded the Happier app. I love feeling accomplished and ready to conquer the world! This month’s birch box was a success, now until next month, keep BirchBox’n!


To join in on the fun and excitement to receive a monthly, quarterly, or annual Birchbox, click here: https://www.birchbox.com?raf=nmsf1&utm_campaign=raf&utm_source=birchbox&utm_medium=raf_link















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