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Stacie Clark.

Once you take one look at Stacie Clark, you know she’s a health & fitness guru and she doesn’t play around when it comes to working out. Along with her rock-hard bod, she was recently named “Next Fitness Star” by Women’s Health Magazine. I was given an amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity to interview this hard-working gal. Even at 40, Stacie Clark looks like a rock star.

After submitting a 5-minute video for Women Health Magazine’s “Next Fitness Star” series, Stacie received an email stating she was in the Top 5 and was flown to New York to get a makeover, photo shoot, fit sessions and some video making. It was up to America to choose, so, on August 14th, 2013, the winner was announced on The Today Show. It was Stacie’s, “Best Day ever,” she shares beaming.

According to Stacie, this process took about 6 weeks “from concept to finalization of ‘what is it going to look like’ from timing to theme.” Not to mention, “it took one full day to film,” Stacie said.

Mom of 2, Stacie, has been in this fitness industry for 15 plus years and has her own studio in Minneapolis called Tiger Athletics, with her hubby Chris. It’s shocking to find out that this fabulous woman works out “5 to 6 days a week with 1 to 2 rest days,” Stacie says. She suggests that, “the body needs recovery to repair. That’s when change happens.”

She shares a story that was incredible to the ear because when you glance at her, you would be surprised to hear it, “In college, I had a full schedule and also held three jobs to pay for school.  Well, I gained 40+ pounds.  So I set goals and started working out.  I got in the best shape of my life.  From then on, I never let go.  It was a passion and ultimately became my long-term career in the end.”

Everyone has those ‘lazy’ days, so I wanted to know how Stacie pushes through them, “I have so much passion, commitment and dedication for what I do I can’t help but shout it out to the world and help guide others have fun with you also!  The days I want to sleep in?  Well, you have to have a kick-ass music playlist on hand!  Oh, and coffee before a 5:45am workout!  Then it’s game on!”

As for her Kick Ass video, Stacie says, “It’s the hottest workout for 2014!  Get fit and sexy and tight and tone in 30 minutes or less!  This is a do-it-quick, do-it-anywhere interval-based workout series designed to ignite calorie burn and burn fat fast, combining both cardio and strength training. I designed a combination of “work it to burn it” moves targeting multiple muscle groups that fire the core simultaneously so your workouts are twice as effective at getting results!  I’m a master at maximizing your time.  Your body gets a marathon metabolic boost that keeps going long after your workout is over, so pounds and inches fall off to reveal beautiful, lean muscle! All you need is a set of dumbbells and a small space. Your body weight does the work.”

She also notes for best results to “make healthy food choices to compliment all your hard work and dedication!”

If you need motivation and dedication look no further because Stacie can give it to you. Anyone can use her “Power Sculpt Series” video.

After watching the previews, it made me want to buy this DVD. Be sure to check it out ASAP and finally tone that body you’ve been dying to have!

And, if you wish to know about another beneficial program Women’s Health Magazine came out with, look into Women’s Health Fit Club. According to https://fitclub.womenshealthmag.com/, WH Fit Club gives you access to the hottest, most coveted workout studios and leading fitness experts across the country.

There are two programs, one for $15.75 for one month, which has unlimited access to WH Fit Club and all of our videos and $39.99, a 3-month program,  which allows unlimited access to WH Fit Club and all of our videos for three months. You’re able to search classes taught by the specific celebrity of your choosing. Stars like Simone De La Rue and Kristin McGee and our Stacie Clark are featured on the DVD.

There’s no harm in checking either of these out. So, hop to it!

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